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Why You Need a Personal Stylist in Your Daily Life

Having a personal stylist does not mean that you have a bad taste. The advantages of having a personal stylist go way beyond clothing. Let’s see how a personal stylist can affect and change your lifestyle for good.


Proper shopping means you would have to take at least a day off of your work. Going through stores, searching for clothes that fit and suit you while keeping track of your budget can be a hectic task, especially so if you are a parent or a working individual.

A personal stylist can take care of all these things for you, without you having to move a finger. Stylists are well aware of the latest trending accessories and where to get a specific product for the best price. Having a personal stylist would ensure that you have the most recent, up to date collection of clothing at a reasonable price, without you having to take time off your job.

An Honest Pair of Eyes

It is always a good idea to have another person with you when you are shopping, and who can be a better shopping companion than your stylist? Having a personal stylist by your side while shopping will not only give you a fresher perspective into your style, but it will also ensure that you are getting the best possible product for a reasonable price.

Now, some stores are known for offering “free” stylists so that you can shop at ease. However, these “free” stylists work for the shop that you are in and not for you, and their interest is vested into the benefit of the store. Naturally, they would want you to buy products from that particular store only. Besides that, they are commissioned, so they not only want to sell you products from that store but they also would want to sell you the most expensive items so that they could make good commission. This does not necessarily mean that all the free stylists are money-hungry liars, but it should be considered that make you look and feel your best may not be their number one priority.

Understanding You

One of the advantages of having a personal stylist is that you would not have to worry about what kind of clothes to buy to look your best. Everyone goes through this struggle of not knowing whether a particular dress suits them or not. We often ask our friends, post photos on social media to get feedback and stand in front of a mirror for hours to determine if we should proceed with the purchase.

A personal stylist solves this issue by not turning yourself into someone new but by bringing out the best in you. The job of a personal stylist is to understand you, your lifestyle, your professional and personal image and guide you into buying products that accentuate your personality. Besides that, a personal stylist can also make you experiment with new colours, patterns, and different styles, all within the bounds of your comfort.

Confidence Building

As mentioned above, a good stylist is not just about clothing. Having a good stylist by your side means that you will be motivated and inspired to bring out the best in you. Stylists try to understand you and consult you about what is bringing you down and then try to alleviate that situation through different means. A good stylist will not only build a perfect wardrobe for you but will also guide you through how to present yourself in the best way.

According to Nidhi Jagtiani, a leading personal stylist in Delhi & Gurgaon, “you can carry a style well only if you have a positive body image and self esteem. Knowing your body shape or face shape to determine what suits you better is a common practice in personal styling.”

Apart from arranging your wardrobe, they will provide you with tools that will make you wake up early in the morning, dress up with confidence, and go through your day looking and feeling your best. Investing in a good stylist makes you up to date with the latest trends and enables you to feel sufficient.

Saving Money

There has always been this myth around that hiring a stylist is for the elites. However, that is not really the case. Think about how much time and money you spend shopping for yourself, especially if you don’t like shopping. You have probably bought many products that you don’t need or like, and now you can’t return them because you never get the time. Moreover, your wardrobe is probably filled with clothes that you can do without.

A personal stylist will make sure your wardrobe is filled with the essentials. They can also make use of the pieces that you have, but you don’t see yourself wearing. If you do your math, you will find out that hiring a good stylist will save you more money in the long run.

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