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Why should you must have Tutuapp? How to download Tutuapp apk?

tutuapp apk

Let me introduce an unbelievable app today- Tutuapp apk. Yeh, you read it right! Incredible because it is giving the paid apps from Google Playstore for free. Now, you may be thinking that it is illegal, but it’s totally legal. As this is a third-party app, all the apps of this store possess are its property.

Let’s talk about the apps it has. Forget the crap, it has only the premium apps, and the fun part is those apps are also premium, I mean FREE. It seems too good to be true. But it is correct as this is Tutuapp- The real market leader in the world of premium free apps.

What actually Tutuapp is?

Well, in simple words, it is a third-party app store that has all the great and useful android apps from the paid section of the Google Playstore. So you can download all the premium, paid apps from the tutuapp directly but free of cost.

Moreover, you can also download the Modded apps. Modded apps are the apps that are tweaked a little bit in code to add some extra features like, ad blocker, free in-app purchases, and much more. The developers of tutuapp have modded popular apps like YouTube, Twitter, and many games and made them YouTube++, Twitter++, and modded games.

Significant Features of TutuApp apk

Now, when you know what tutuapp is, let’s talk about some of the features of Tutuapp that will allure you to download this app store. I will not make it congested. Just read the points, and you will have a good idea about the features of these apps.

  • I have seen many app stores giving away free apps, but all of those are full of viruses and crap. But this app is fully optimized and has the apps that are passed through a security check.
  • All the apps that you can download from here are free of ads so that you can enjoy your favourite app free of hiccups.
  • No more need to waste money on in-purchases in games! That being said, you get the best and famous games with free credits and unlimited gems from this Tutu App store.
  • If we talk about the speed, it is free from the bugs and glitches that Google Playstore has from the day of his birth. It is the lightest version and saves a lot of space and memory for the best performance.
  • Last but not least, its best feature is its Free availability. It does not charge even a penny from you. And you can download everything for FREE.

infographics explaining features of tutu app apk

Is Tutuapp safe?

This is the most asked question about tutuapp. Well, as far as we scanned and used the app for years, it is safe to use, and no virus has been detected yet. But, it is a third-party app, and third-party programmers upload the modded apps in this store. So, for safety reasons, always pass the app from any antivirus before using the app.

Top apps of Tutuapp apk


There is no need to download an app when it has no app for your use. But Tutuapp has hundreds of popular apps that are everyone’s favourite. Here is a list of most popular apps of tutuapp apk.



Spotify++ is not a different app, but it comes with better perks, and you can block any ads. Just imagine, enjoying your favourite music with ads, it’s disgusting. So, download Spotify++ now and enjoy your music.



This is one of the best custom version of Whatsapp with better privacy options, and this modded version gives you a lot of custom themes and other display personalization features.



Pokémon GO

Most of the hacks for Pokemon Go gets you banned, but if you download the Pokemon Go version from Tutuapp apk, you will get the best hacks with anti-ban feature. Make sure you are downloading the Pokemon Go version from the tutu app store, else you may end up losing your account.

Clash Royale

Clash Royal
This is one of the most downloaded and played games of this decade. The version that you will get using this app store you will get unlimited gems and elixir. There are a lot of Modded versions of Clash royale online. Do remember to install only the version from this app store.


This is a very useful version especially for the people having phones with less ROM. As this Facebook app version is very light, and the best part is that you don’t have to download the messenger app separately. First of all, you need to install the tutuapp and then find Facebook++ in the popular apps section. Here you can download the facebook++.




Instagram++ is a mod with special features that most of the users desperately want in the original app, but unfortunately, the developers don’t listen to us. But not anymore. This version of Instagram is the best social app in which you can change the themes, and can see the private photos and my favourite part is to download them, that you can only do using instagram++.

How to Download TutuApp apk?

Any free application you want in your android phone can be downloaded from Google Playstore. But unfortunately, you can not download the Tutu app from Playstore as this app is a third-party, and Google Playstore allows its downloads from their partners only.

Don’t panic; you can download the app from the TutuApp website.

  • Just Go to Tutuapp apk website and download the apk file.
  • Go to app settings, and allow the install from unknown sources.
  • Now install the Tutuapp apk
  • Congrats, you have downloaded the app, now you can enjoy the premium and modded apps for free.


There are a lot of app stores that are offering free premium apps, but they are not trustworthy and contains a virus. The primary reason to have Tutuapp on your phone is free premium apps and the excellent user experience. Moreover, you can download the premium modded apps that you can not probably afford from Google Playstore. The best part of this app store is that you can download the popular apps in their modded versions. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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