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Must-try Local Delicacies of Thailand:

The local delicacies of Thailand or popularly known as the “Thai food” is a world-famous cuisine. Thai food is available almost in every country, but trying in it Thailand is an altogether different experience.

Thailand’s local food is famous for its spicy exotic flavors and fragrances that seduce your taste buds. Most of the dishes here are so spicy that not everyone can eat them. But, if you are worried about spiciness, then you can ask for a milder version while placing your order.

In this way, you will be able to savor Thai food without feeling lava of spices in your mouth! The endless menus of famous Thai eateries will surely confuse you, but we are here with the top Thai delicacies that you must try in Thailand.  Let’s read about them before you buy your Thailand tour package and start the trip:

  1. Tom Yum Goong:

Tom Yum Goong is a shrimp soup so; people who love seafood should surely try it. This aromatic dish will enrich your Thai food experience with its spicy flavors. The soup contains main Thai ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, Kaffier lime leaves, chili, shallots, lime juice, lots of fish sauce and of course, shrimp. You can also ask for a mild and creamy version of the soup.

  1. Guay Teow:

Any type of noodle soup is called Guay Teow in Thailand. It is one of the most known Thai delicacies, and it comes in different variants. You can find this soup with chicken, beef, pork, or rarely veggies. The non-vegetarian version also contains wantons or meatballs.

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It is garnished with dried chili peppers, sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce. This dish is light yet tasty; which is why you can eat it as a snack.

  1. Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is one of the national dishes of Thailand that is often tried by tourists. Pad Thai is stir-fried noodles that are served as street food or at the local shops of Thailand. This dish also comes in various versions like chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian.

You can also find this dish in big restaurants, but the street version of Pad Thai is always tastier and cheaper! Go for it, if you are looking for a famous, affordable and tasty snack in Thailand.

  1. Som Tam:

If you want to savor a combination of all main tastes, namely sour, sweet, spicy and salty, then Som Tam is a must-try Thai dish for you. This dish is known as the green papaya salad in English, and it is a famous delicacy of northeastern Thailand.

Again, you can find many variations in Som Tam. But, the classic version contains shredded green papayas, carrots, tomatoes, peanuts, runner beans, dried shrimp, tamarind pulp, palm sugar, fish sauce, garlic and plenty of chilies. It is a staple street food which you will definitely love.

  1. Gai Med Ma Muang:

If you are wondering what this means, then you should know that it is Thai stir fry chicken with cashew nuts. This dish is loved by locals as well as foreigners. Don’t forget to ask about a milder version because it is a very spicy dish.

This dish is prepared by stir-frying chicken with cashew nuts, honey, onions, soy sauce, mushrooms, pepper and lots of veggies. You can try it with steamed rice if you are feeling very hungry.

  1. Kao Phad:
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People who love fried rice must go for the Thai version of it; which is known as Kao Phad. This dish is simple yet tasty enough to be in the favorite food list of locals and tourists alike.

This fried rice dish usually consists of some type of meat like chicken, crab, beef or shrimp along with eggs, onions, garlic, cucumbers, and some mouth-watering seasoning. You can easily find this yummy dish at any street vendor. So, don’t miss it!

  1. Geng Kheaw Wan Gai:

Geng Kheaw Wan Gai is green curry that is originated from central Thailand. This is one of the spiciest curries that you will find in Thailand because it is prepared with green peppers. However, the additional coconut milk adds a little bit of sweetness to balance the dish.

Along with it, the ingredients like ginger and Thai eggplants make this curry truly exotic! You can get it with chicken, beef or veggies. Try the milder version if you are eating Thai food for the first time.

  1. Pad Krapow Moo Saap:

If you are looking for a one-plate dish for lunch or dinner in Thailand, then you can try Pad Krapow Moo Saap. In English, this dish translates into fried basil and pork. So, only non-veg people can try this dish.

The dish is prepared in hot water with ingredients like basil leaves, large chilies, green beans, pork, soy sauce, and a little bit of sugar. The dish is then mixed with white steamed rice for making the meal fulfilling. It is often topped with fried eggs.

  1. Massaman Curry:
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Massaman Curry is yet another tasty curry of Thailand; which is a bit softer as compared to other Thai curries. People who are not a fan of too much spicy food should try this dish in Thailand. But, it still contains a few dried peppers so; you can’t expect it to be too less spicy. Yet, the spices are less in comparison of other Thai dishes.

It is prepared with spices imported from the Middle East like cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and lots of others. All these ingredients make it a richly flavored dish. You can find it in any famous restaurant in Thailand.

  1. Yam Pla Dook Foo:

The English translation of this dish is fried catfish with green mango salad. Seafood lovers must try this special Thai salad. This fluffy and crispy dish is scrumptious enough to satisfy your Thai food cravings.

The crispy catfish is coupled up with sweet, sour and spicy green mango salad. Usually, this dish is tried as a beer snack or an appetizer before the main course meal.


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