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What Makes Palm Jumeirah a Second to None Investment Place?

The eyes of entire world focused on Dubai when it announced to develop an island on Arabian Sea. Everyone wanted to learn about the place and willing to know how it would happen. Among various speculations and years of hard work, Dubai inaugurated the eighth wonder of world that stunned every eye from its impressive beauty and high-end luxurious facilities. Palm Jumeirah, as the name suggests, the place has a palm like shape where homes, villas, and departments are constructed in a well-planned manner.

Palm Jumeirah is a real heaven on earth that offers unbeatable amenities to its residents and lets them enjoy a lifestyle they always wanted to live. From world-class restaurants to lush green parks, you find everything that one can think of. These homes and apartments are ideal for families and people who want to raise their kids away from the noisy environment of the city.

Palm Jumeirah- Some Interesting & Distinguishing Facts

There are some of the amazing facts about Palm Jumeirah that prove it the best place for investment.

Manmade Island: Palm Jumeirah is the largest manmade island that is shaped like a palm. There are various apartments, villas, and homes present equipped with all living and luxurious amenities. Every home has its private beach where residents can spend quality time together or arrange beach parties.

The place is the home of world class restaurants and food chains. You can evaluate the great planning of the city from the fact that in the palm shaped city, all apartments are placed in the trunk of the palm while villas are located in the palm’s frond. The peak of the palm is full of five star restaurants and shopping malls.

Monorail Train: A monorail is responsible for fulfilling transportation needs. It runs from the trunk of the palm and goes at the end of the palm peak. No other transportation is operating there as the timing of monorail is quite flexible that it comes after every 15-minutes. You don’t find any parking issue in the area because every home and villa has its own private parking as well as shared parking in the apartment building. All parking places are spacious and more than enough for residents.

Supermarkets and Shopping Malls: Commercial area that is located on the trunk of the palm never disappoints you. You find several superstores and supermarkets while high-end shopping malls lets you buy the products of top brands. The popular supermarkets include Spinney, Milk & Honey, and Gourmet Allday Fresh. Every superstore sales fresh products which meet all health standards.

Premium Health Facilities: Palm Jumeirah has first class medical facilities where only specialized doctors can practice. All hospital including Al Da Medical Clinic, Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai are present in the proximity of the resident areas which are equipped with the latest medical facilities. They offer services 24-hours a day and capable of handling all types of emergency situations. No matter you have mild flu or need extensive type of treatment, the medical facilities available in Palm Jumeirah are efficient and highly satisfactory for you.

International Level Educational Facilities: As mentioned earlier, Palm Jumeirah is the best place for families then how come it can ignore education facilities. The place has international level schools and colleges. For toddlers Asya’s Nursery and Redwood Montessori Nursery are present while the prominent universities present in the proximity of Palm Jumeirah include University of Wollongong, American University of Dubai, and University of Wollongong.

A Place for Every Community: Palm Jumeirah is a safe place for every community where people from every religion, caste, or creed can practice their beliefs. If there are different mosques in the areas for Muslims, the you also find churches for Christians. Fellowship Church is the largest church among all. Dubai respects every community no matter big or small. There is also a temple placed at 11-minutes of drive from Palm Jumeirah.

Most Demanding Property: Palm Jumeirah is the 2nd most popular place for villas and 6th best place for buying apartments. The prices are increasing day by day as investors from all over the world want to buy property here. The extravagant property has numerous future prospects and extensive business value. Shoreline apartments, The Crescent, and Gold Mile are popular investment places for buying apartments while Gardens Home Community, Canal Cove, and Signatures Villa Palm Jumeirah are ideal places for villas.

Palm Jumeirah is a beautifully designed society in Dubai that provides all living amenities to its residents. Don’t waste time and invest in the eighth wonder of the world to ensure a great future of your family.

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