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Sayonara, Scars! Using Laser Treatment for Acne Scar Removal in Singapore

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If you have experienced getting pestered with acne at some point in your life, you would know that the tiny and sometimes painful bumps are not the worst part of it. The life-changing aspect is the aftermath, or the permanent scars that are left when the active pimples subside. Although acne scarring is not a life-threatening condition, it can affect a person’s self confidence and more often than not, causes emotional distress.

For this very reason, the Veritas Medical Aesthetics clinic has developed an acne scar treatment that is customized for every patient’s need. This laser-based treatment is capable of treating active acne, reducing the appearance of scars, and preventing future breakouts.

But first, you might wonder: is laser treatment safe? The answer is a resounding yes. Laser has long been used as an effective method of fading scars. It utilizes the power of focused light therapy to perform two crucial tasks at the same time: one is the removal of the top layer of the skin’s surface and second is stimulating the process of skin regeneration to replace the damaged cells of the skin. One very important thing to remember is that laser treatment cannot magically remove all traces of a scar. It can lighten the appearance of a scar as well other skin conditions like wrinkles, keloids, age spots, and even warts.

In other cases, laser therapy can also make significant improvements in a person’s vision (LASIK), minimize hair loss (Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT), and remove tumors and other unnatural growths inside and outside the body. And since a laser treatment involves light and heat, you might need to find another option if you have condition like light sensitivity or if you are taking any medication with light sensitivity as a side effect. Your doctor will not recommend laser treatment for acne scare removal if there is a presence of active acne or sores in your skin.

Acne scar removal in Singapore is typically an outpatient procedure. If you opt for laser treatment, there is a great chance that your health insurance provider will not cover the expenses because it is a cosmetic procedure. The cost of the entire treatment largely depends on three factors: the quantity of scar, the severity of the condition, and the estimated number of laser treatments needed to achieve a satisfactory result. A single laser treatment session will hardly make an impact on your acne scars, so will need more than one, and you will be required to pay for every session.

In order to make sure that you get the best value for your hard-earned money, you should make it a point to visit more than one clinic so you can compare the rates. And of course, select a doctor or dermatologist who has the right skills, trainings, and experience to perform the procedure. Be wary of clinics that offer cheap services or huge discounts as these might do more harm than good. Always choose a reputable aesthetics clinic because after all, you only have one face so you should treat it with utmost care!

In order to get the best possible results, your doctor may recommend using a combination of different acne treatments aside from laser therapy. Your doctor will assess the condition of your skin and will suggest the most suitable treatment plan for you, so you do not have to worry about not knowing what to do! The duration of the procedure also varies but your doctor will use a topical anesthetic to make sure that you will not feel any pain. Mid discomfort is normal and before you know it, the process is over.

Side effects are common after a laser treatment. There might be some swelling in the treated areas as well as redness, itching, and minor bleeding. Your face might also feel a bit painful, but this should subside after a few days. If you experience any symptom of skin infection (for example, intense pain, extreme skin irritation, and/or presence of pus in the treated area), you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Do not, at all cost, opt to self-medicate as it could only worsen the situation.

After a laser treatment, your skin will need three to fourteen days to heal fully. You should follow the aftercare guidelines to avoid infections and fast track the recovery period. You will be advised to apply a cold pack over the treated area to reduce swelling and to avoid frequent and prolonged sun exposure for up to two months after the procedure. You can also take oral pain medication to manage discomfort. If you notice anything unusual in your skin, or any persistent side effects, contact your doctor immediately to get the necessary medical attention.

For more information about acne scar removal, contact Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

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