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What is laser marking system?

Laser marking is a continual process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on the surface. It also performs with a fibre, pulsed, continuous-wave laser machine and laser marking encompasses. A laser marking machine is known as a laser marking system; it also called laser engraving machine, laser printing machine. However, laser marking systems it offers integrators a section of laser systems and OEM options for their marking applications. Laser axe’s laser systems designed in a way that it marks the variety of part sizes, shapes, and geometries quickly and the most demanding industries. Here are some of the thing we consider.

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To the most significant part, tolerance positioning and marking field in the industry form the 6mm to 140mm. Therefore with a laser system, it can mark a variety of part sizes, shapes and geometries.


Together with laser power that is from 20w to 200w, Laser axe’s laser systems, it marks while sustaining the fastest production cycle time. It also the quickest laser marking system on the market and that is the most efficient in the harsh environments.

We also have Robust

This laser head is certified IP67, and the laser cabinet that is used to store the laser source and PLC is certified IP65. Therefore, dust and moisture stay out of the laser system that is designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environment.

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Laser types

Fibre Laser

The fibre laser is the most recent develop laser making technology. It is the best metal making equipment that does the best laser marking. However, it uses low maintenance solid-state laser source. Lase has no consumable materials that required, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. These tools are said to be reliable, safe, and good for the environment. Therefore, as a fibre laser marking machine manufacturer, also supplying you with the lowest cost and the best quality that you need of the fibre laser marking machine https://www.heatsign.com/

Why choose fibre laser

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Fibre is more affordable unlike other suppliers

We have a warranty of 2 years to our customers

You will get more machine customization options than another competitor provider.

Method of marking fibre laser engraving machine

We have bonding

MOPA Laser marking

The colour change of the marked area through etching

Also laser engraving

Lastly the removal of the top layer

CO2 Laser

It uses the stimulated carbon dioxide gas mixture. It used to manufacturer and supplier, buying a laser marker. This machine has preferred by most of the industries because they have high efficiency and excellent beam quality. Some of the material marked using CO2 laser are as follow; wood, glass. Rubber, paper, plastic and leather. You can also use CO2 engraver into your packaging box production line for the batch scoring.

Advantage of CO2

Affordable price that is lower than performing Chinese machine

It is durable and robust cabinet design can adapt to the harsh industrial environment

Using RF metal tubes, the CO2 laser source that can endure more than 20000 hours of service life.

They can tweak designs to meet a customer-specific marking needs.

UV Laser

UV laser marking machine is the technology machine and different from another traditional laser marker. UV laser uses ultraviolet light, unlike others. The light bonds hold the material surface together. The UV laser marking machine is generally low-power, and are suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine process. The usage of the UV machine it implies the use of the unique technology for applying in various images to the surface by direct exposure to radiation. The UV laser marking machine adopts the integrated design and has a large working area that can meet the needs of continuous work in the industry. It also uses to make high-end requirements such as medical device, maternal, medicine, and children toy

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How to use the Laser UV laser marking system in practice 

It used in etching on award boards and certificates

Use in exclusive advertising and souvenir products etching

Suitable print on the glass also called laser glass etching machine.

Industrial marking

In conclusion, all the laser technology marking system are an excellent choice for industrial use. It only depends on the type of material that require marks, marking speed and quality needs.

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