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You should know these aspects before buying any product for hair care

If you tend to be lazy to use conditioner after washing your hair, we will try to convince you of the advantages of this product, almost inseparable companion of the shampoo. If you use Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner, it will keep the hair hydrated, provides softness and facilitates styling, brings shine to the hair, helps to handle it better in wet and dry hair, prevents hair breakage, split ends and other damage and, in addition, by moisturizing the hair, contributes to reduce static electricity.

What the moisturizer does to the skin, in the same way conditioner works on the hair. Therefore, depending on its characteristics, it should be used to a greater or lesser extent. As a general rule, it can be said that there are no problems in using it after each wash, but it depends mainly on the state of the hair.

Let’s face some serious question which often arises

The two-in-one formulas are good, especially for very bulky hair which is very spongy, as they help tame it. But, if you always use a two in one, it is convenient to use an intensive cleansing shampoo every four or five washes to remove all the gels, gummies and other residues from the hair.

The first step is to rinse all the shampoo well and, once washed and rinsed, remove excess water with a towel. Then, you have to apply the Paul Mitchell conditioner for all strands of hair, from the tips up and let it act for a few minutes. Finally it is necessary to clarify it, without rubbing in excess the hair.

To keep the hair clean with a beautiful and lively look, some care must be taken into account. Using the right and quality products is essential to maintain healthy hair.

Steps to use the conditioner correctly

Wet your hair well before shampoo, apply the product on your hands and take it to the scalp by massaging it well without using your nails. With a towel, dry the excess water and then apply the media conditioner to ends. Massage the hair well and let the conditioner rest for a few minutes.

Rinse the hair until the entire conditioner has disappeared, since if the product stays in the hair, it will remain dull, heavy and dry. The conditioner forms a protective film around the hair, decreasing its dehydration.

These products contain proteins that help reduce the impact of injuries caused by pollution and dryer. With this, the hair stays stronger and stronger.

The conditioner is responsible for the smoothness of our hair, leaving it easier to comb, brighter and less prone to breakage and split ends. The conditioner closes the hair scales, and with this prevents the hair from losing its nutrients.

People who think that the conditioner is only necessary for those who have dry hair, are deceived. All hair, except oily ones, needs to receive this product after shampooing.

Why the conditioner should not be applied to the scalp?

The conditioner applied to the scalp can cause or increase hair fat, in addition to causing dandruff. The conditioner should be used after shampoo, only in the length of the hair, it is necessary to let it act for approximately three minutes and finally it must be rinsed well. You should never leave the conditioner in your hair, as it will be very greasy and prone to dandruff.

By having a higher concentration of assets, the treatment mask has a greater hydration power than conditioners. This should be used according to the specific needs of the hair, to nourish, moisturize, give softness, and retain color, or control fat and volume. Its use should be equivalent to once or twice a week, depending on the level of hair wear. First of all it is necessary to identify the characteristics of your hair.

Dry hair – that do not get rid of the use of the iron or tongs or that have very visual damage at first sight, they should bet on products with an extra dose of moisturizer that has a thicker consistency.

Fine and straight hair – they need products that provide hydration (without leaving heavy and oily hair). These types of conditioner contain substances that help to give hair volume.

Normal hair – in the case that the hair seems to be healthy, full of shine and that normally uses irons or tongs, it is advisable to give preferences to the conditioners, which contain the essentials to maintain the quality of the hair without leaving it heavy or oily.

Damaged, dyed, straightened or curled hair – they should opt for specific conditioners for it. Daily use helps restore hair health.

The mask should be used for hydration. For that there are conditioners which are the perfect complement to shampoos in your daily routine.

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