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Keys Steps to Include While Creating a Compelling Startup Pitch Deck

There is no doubt that the most successful startups procure the very right kind of financial investment. And a startup pitch is everything you need to gear up things at initial stages. But guess what is the challenging part – knowing how to create a pitch deck. Well, it does not matter how well thought, profitable, or innovative your product idea is; if you are not able to attract potential investors to the startup, then definitely your business will face difficulties while scaling up.

Making it short and straightforward, a compelling investor pitch deck is something that can successfully attract capital for your startup. As the competition for investors’ attention is growing, here we have a few tips that can help you create a spellbinding pitch deck template.

Keep it Simple

Perhaps, the foremost thing to remember while pitching your sample pitch deck is to overwhelm the investors with investment proposals. You need to clearly outline your business data and plan that offers a positive ROI to the investors. Start it with a brief description of your business venture that nimbly conveys your goals, purpose, and vision. Summarize what your business has to offer, and how your business plans are going to generate revenue. Most importantly, avoid knocking out details that distract the investors from the core message.

Sharing Your Startup Story

Make sure to optimize time for your business pitch deck template, but do not rush. Besides, it sounds more natural to bog down in figures, facts, and spreadsheets during this process. But that is not enough. Rather than embarking the opportunity as a sales pitch, it is better to use the occasion to share the initiating story with the investors. Remember, storytelling can make it much more noteworthy and engaging. Be expressive enough, integrate data with your story, and try something unique while being absolutely professional.

Stay Focused

Yes, that is the crucial factor that most of the businesses skip. Make sure not to lose sight of the focus of your sample pitch deck. At the same time, respect the investors’ timeline as well. Another thing to keep in mind is to set the seal on the primary elements clearly established and highlighted so that there is no chance of engaging in irrelevant tangents.

Let Investors Experience the Product

Another practical way to impress potential investors with the peculiar features of your service/product is to let them see and experience it personally. Even images or screenshots of your product can make it look more tangible for the investors. If possible, share the actual product as a demo to double the impact. Try to show them how your product is different as compared to other options in the marketplace. Highlight if your product/service has an exclusive license or distribution deals to support your claims in the best possible way.

Be Informed About the Numbers

For sure, this is another significant part you cannot miss in your investors’ pitch deck. So, make sure to incorporate the key figures that are appealing to the likely stakeholders. For instance, how much funding your startup requires, what are the current operational costs and profit points, and how long will the timeline be for reaching profitability. A pro tip that can make it more clear cut is to use minimal figures and the ones that are highly relevant to your business.

Having a Strong Endpoint

Remember to keep your startup’s conclusion brief and clear while summarizing it in a way why investors should put their money into it. Work on the space of your pitch deck, be precise enough, and not to rush through the end while bringing all the elements of your pitch together.

Pro Tips to Know While Creating a Pitch Deck

  • Begin with an intensifying slide along with a vision statement to gear up the startup pitch deck.
  • Follow the 10/20/30 rule. Make sure your pitch deck template does not have more than 10 slides in total and does not take more than 20 minutes. Use a 30-pt font.
  • Include a creative demo to make it more engaging for the investors.
  • Talk about the current and upcoming market opportunities, focusing on the target market and potential customer scale.
  • Share nimbly how your startup can make money. How many potential investors you need for it. Present concrete evidence of how your startup business can crack a high ROI.
  • Include graphical representations like images, videos, and eye-catching charts that outline your data.

Hire a Professional to Assist You

Last but not least, the smartest step you can make is to hire a professional agency that fine-tunes everything for you. A team of experts who can make every step organized while helping you to create a visually engaging pitch deck communicates the message effectively. A pitch deck template that allows you to deliver an award-winning performance in front of the prospective investors.

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