5 Ways You Can Keep Your Home’s Air Clean

Most of our time is spent in homes, and that’s why it is essential to inhale good air. Many scientists have researched and suggested that adding the right type of home plants can help detoxify the air in the homes. That means your home will not only look lovely greenly but also clean the air for you to breathe in. That makes it one of the best ways and most natural way of cleaning the indoor air in our list.

There are a number of plants to choose to purify the air from dust, germs, and airborne toxins that can become from several household products like furniture and home appliances. These plants include Barberton daisy, English ivy, Snake plant, Chrysanthemum, Spider plant, Aloe vera, Broad Lady palm, Dragon Tree, Weeping fig, and Chinese Evergreen. These are some of the most effective houseplants which do the job best while providing the best aesthetics to your house.

Air Purifier To Clean Indoor Air

Installing air purifiers in your home is another very effective way of getting rid of the impurities in the air like smoke, dust, and putrid odors. Air purifier works with the help of multiplier filters and a fan that absorbs the polluter air present in your living space. The sucked air moves through the filters and captures the pollutants present in the air and provides cleaned air to you for breathing. So, getting one of these appliances is an excellent investment to ensure that your family is breathing in the fresh air. They come in various sizes which can fit anywhere in the house with disturbing your interior decor.

Get Rid Of The Carpets

You may find carpets comfortable and cozy, but do you also know they cause the highest amount of air pollution at home? Carpets are made of chemicals, and certain adhesives are used for it to settle. These chemicals are released in the air affecting the indoor quality. They mold dust, germs, and bacteria, which you bring along from outside sticks in the carpet affecting your health as well like, allergies, difficulty in breathing, or irritation.  You should remove them, but if you can’t, then you have to vacuum them frequently.

Replace Your Furniture

This may be a surprise for you, but processed wood furniture causes air pollution. They are made of toxic chemicals that are released as pollutants into the air, disturbing the environment at home. You can either replace your processed wood furniture now and then, or you can invest in solid furniture, which can be pretty expensive, but it can be a one-time investment. They are of high quality and contain non-toxic chemicals that are environmentally friendly. If you can’t find pure solid wood furniture, then you can always go for antique furniture. They were made of genuine solid wood, and they’ll give your home a classy look as well.

Don’t Carry Your Shoes Inside The Living Space

According to multiple research, shoes are the primary source that brings pollutants to the home. To tackle this problem, you should use a doormat and stop carrying shoes inside the house. Doormats trap the soils, moisture, and many other pollutants like carbon to enter your home. You can take an extra step to save your house from polluted air by installing a shoe cabinet or rack outside your living space to keep all the shoes there. In this way, you can minimize the risk of pollutants to enter your home.

These are the best ways to reduce pollutants in your living space. You can clean more than 90% of the indoor air by following these ways. Don’t forget, your habits like smoking also work as a catalyst, which can enhance the indoor air pollution, so while following these ways you should also pay attention to your habits.

If you’ve noticed an increase in the indoor air pollution in your home, or have one of these issues noted by Merritt Island Air & Heat, there are many things you can do to reduce it. One thing you can do is use a mechanical ventilator to improve the air in your home. This type of system removes the moist air in your home, which makes it easier for you to breathe. We’ll provide more information on it, and discuss some other ways of reducing indoor air pollution like adding house plants, installing an air cleaner, and rearranging your furniture. All these methods can reduce air pollution in your home.


Keeping a Healthy Home


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