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How to Keep Your Car Battery Life Healthy in Summer

Car Battery Care Tips: How to Keep Your Car Battery Life Healthy in Summer

Car Battery Life: Summer time is a time to long for. It’s when you enjoy nice vacations, go on holiday with your family, and take road tours to interesting places. You want your car to be at its best performance during this time.

Unfortunately, the sun that brings summer joy to you may be a threat to the life of your battery. Most car battery problems start in the summer.

What is the effect of summer’s heat on your car battery Life?

When it is hot outside, heat under your car’s hood is almost twice as much. The heat can damage your battery in at least three ways:

  • It causes/increases evaporation of battery fluid
  • Speeds up corrosion
  • Weakens the battery’s internal structure.

How to avoid car battery damage during summer

The effects of summer heat on the car battery may not cause immediate inefficiencies. However, they kick-start the deterioration of the battery’s health and ultimately shorten its life.

Below are 9 ways to maintain the health of your car battery life during summer.

Inspect battery for wear and tear

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere while on a road trip due to battery failure. It’s possible that some wear and tear on the battery happened in the seasons before summer.

Have it checked to ensure that any issues are solved. This will reduce the possibility of more damage under summer conditions. Make sure to tighten any loose cables and check brackets for corrosion. The brackets should secure the battery appropriately. According to car battery experts, loose brackets often cause the damage of other battery components.

Check the battery case

A battery case that is bulging or cracked is an automatic sign of more serious battery damage during summer. It may allow fluid leakage when temperatures go up.

If you have the older type of battery cases with removable filler caps on top, there’s increased risk of battery fluid evaporation. Should the case have any signs of damage, have it replaced immediately to avoid further damage of the battery interior components.

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A flush-top battery case is the best type for high battery performance during summer. It also requires less maintenance.

Check CCA and RC ratings

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC) are industry recognized standards for measuring a battery’s ability to perform to a certain level during winter and summer respectively.

CCA rating reflects starter power; the amount of current a battery can deliver at -18 degrees Celsius over 30 seconds.

RC rating is more relevant to summer as it represents the number of minutes a battery can supply a load of 25 amps while maintaining a 1.75 voltage per cell at 26.7 degrees Celsius.

These ratings help you to know whether your battery has a problem that cannot be identified through visual inspection.

Add water

Newer car battery models are usually sealed. They are often termed as “maintenance-free” because you do not have to keep checking water levels. If you use an older version battery, however, you need to keep monitoring water levels.

Maintaining battery water at healthy levels may significantly increase your battery’s life. This is especially important for people who live in places that experience temperature extremes and for everyone during summer.

Clean the battery to remove grease and dirt

Grease and dirt on a car battery have real life-shortening effects on it. Grease hold in heat. Increased heat causes corrosion of terminals which leads to electrical problems. Dirt can drain the battery’s power.

If grease and dirt are left to stay, the battery gradually loses ability to hold a full charge. As a result, you start experiencing problems starting your car. To avoid these effects, clean the battery using the right materials to keep it working properly. Keeping your battery clean during summer inhibits grease and corrosion combustion.

Use water mixed with baking soda to clean the outer casing. A wire brush does great work on the terminals.

Keep it cool

Every battery has a limited lifetime. If you want your car battery to serve you for longer, try to keep it as cool as possible in the summer heat. Park in a garage, carport, or car canopy whenever possible. Use window covers to reduce build-up of heat inside the car’s cabin. If you cannot park under a shade, keep the hood open some times when you are not driving to allow the battery cool a little bit.

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Avoid vibrations

It is possible that your summer tours will take you to places with different ground surfaces. As you enjoy your drives, make sure that you battery is not vibrating. Unsecured batteries can vibrate even when driving on the smoothest roads. The result of consistent vibration is internal battery damage. Make sure that your battery is well fastened before summer kicks in. Also keep checking for the same throughout the season.

Is your cooling system up to the summer task?

A car’s cooling system can deteriorate with time. It can become acidic, and the result of increased acidity is damage of hoses and seals in the car’s engine. Consequently, the engine gets overheated quickly.

An overheating engine during summer does not only cause damage to itself but also to the car battery. To avoid these damages, flush the car’s cooling system with fresh coolant regularly. This will help to maintain the health of the battery as well as the engine.

Regular maintenance

The importance of scheduled car battery maintenance cannot be overstated. Ensure that battery tests, full mechanical inspection, and oil changes are performed according to schedule before and during summer. Proper regular maintenance allows you to identify and solve battery issues as soon as they occur and avoid inefficiencies.

Following these tips will help to keep your car battery healthy. Having extensive knowledge on battery operations can save you time and money. For instance, if your car battery is severely damaged, or has died ahead of summer, you can recondition it. Reconditioning adds battery life and saves a significant amount of money.

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The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

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EZ Battery Reconditioning reviews: How to maintain the health of your battery life

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