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It’s In the Bag: Why Invest In Quality Leather

Some people frown when they find out others spend more than two digits on a bag. After all, it is just an object that you use to cart around things. However, most fashionistas would beg to differ! Bags are statement and investment pieces that allow your personality to shine. After all, your sense of fashion is the first thing that people see, and they can tell a lot about YOU based on what you are wearing before you even open your mouth. Whether you love boxy handbags or boho leather bags, there is no need to justify that purchase. Go on and splurge, girl! Here are the reasons why you must invest in quality leather bags.

Provides the You Perfect For Mixing Highs and Lows

When you save on an investment bag, you can easily mix your high fashion and low-end labels. In fact, it makes perfect sense to do so. When you are saving for a luxurious bag, you can save money in other areas. A truly avant-garde fashion maven understands that real personal style is all about combining pieces that blend well together. It is not about dressing up in head to toe designer garb.

Dresses You Up and Pulls Together Anything

Your bag has the power to elevate your look. You could be dressed in casual wear like a simple white tee with ripped jeans and your ballet flats. But, the moment you put on your leather bag, you can instantly amplify your look. Whether it is structured handbags or boho leather bags, the thing hanging on your arm or shoulder can instantly pull together your look, making you feel put-together and ultra-confident.

Allows You to Gift a Family Heirloom

An investment bag possesses longevity and durability. Premium materials mean they are made with the finest ingredients and built with impeccable craftsmanship from piping details all the way down to stitches. Your children can benefit from your bag collection when they come of age. Your bag tells a story and carries sentiment. It can be passed down from one generation to the next, making it an ideal family heirloom.

Means You Won’t Lose Money on Trends

So based on experience, it is safe to conclude that the $115 bag you bought will probably be destroyed in a few months! Trendy pieces also become passe in time. The amount of money you keep on spending on super cheap bags could have already been saved to fund your investment bag. Usually, cheap bags look the part. As most fashion aficionados know, you must focus on classic pieces that will last for a long time. They possess an understated class and elegance.

Gives You Value For Money

When you work hard for the money, you want your things to provide value. When you wear your investment bag daily, you can break it down to cost per wear. When you do that math, you will come to realize that the daily rate is not so big. It can be just the same as your expenditure allowance for your favourite designer coffee.

Final Word

In the end, it all boils down to priorities. Suppose you are restraining yourself because the price tag, do the cost analysis. Then you will surely conclude that buying the investment bag is always the best choice because they are durable and will help elevate your fashion style by a million fold.


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