Is Living the Van Life Right for You?

Were you aware that only 14% of Americans say that they’re very happy with their lives?

If you’ve been feeling down about the direction of your life, then you might want to make some meaningful changes that will have a positive impact. From getting a new job to saying goodbye to toxic relationships and moving to a different place, there are all kinds of steps you could take to pursue a better life.

Are you an adventurous person who’s ready to take life by the horns? Van life may be the best change you could ever make. Read this guide to learn if you should move into a van.

The Cost of Living in a Van

The first thing you’ll have to do to pursue this exciting lifestyle is buy a van, which will be your biggest upfront expense. It’s important to know that there’s a wide range of vans that you can buy, so you need to do your research to determine which type of van will make you feel the most comfortable.

Some people try to save money by buying a used van, but you should be aware that older vans could need more repairs. If you plan on living in a van full-time, then you should set money aside for regular repairs and maintenance. Researching common issues and learning how to fix things yourself could cut your expenses.

Some other expenses that will cost money include van insurance, gas, and campground fees whenever you park overnight. To be extra frugal, you can hunt for free parking spaces like in Walmart parking lots. Even after adding up these expenses, you’ll notice that living in a van is still much cheaper than renting an apartment.

Being Able to Travel in a Van

The main reason why people become interested in moving into a van is having the opportunity to travel around the country. Retired folks can have a blast taking in all of the sights while people who still need to work can become digital nomads. As long as you have an unlimited hotspot, you can stay connected online wherever you go.

Another benefit of buying a van instead of larger vehicles like RVs is that you’ll have no trouble driving it. You can make sharp turns, fit into parking spots, and feel at home behind the wheel.

Not only will you save money on expensive flights and hotels, but you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the intimate views of the journey. You can travel at your own pace and stop at any attraction that gets your attention. Each day will be full of pleasant surprises since you never know what treasures you’ll discover.

The Environmental Impact of Van Life

Some people worry about what their carbon footprint will look like if they increase their consumption of fossil fuels. The truth is that living in a van could work wonders for your overall carbon footprint if you remain mindful. It’s true that you’ll need fossil fuels to get around, but there are other aspects of your lifestyle that will become greener.

To be successful at van life, you need to embrace minimalism since you won’t have a big living space. This means that you won’t buy as many wasteful materials. This is great for the environment and it can improve your mental health by eliminating clutter.

Spending lots of time in places with mild weather will reduce your need for heating and cooling. You also have the option to search for an electric van or install solar panels on your roof.

Some Drawbacks to Consider

Living in a van could be one of the most fulfilling things that you do in life. It can free you from the hamster wheel that many Americans feel stuck on. As joyful as van life can be, you need to keep in mind that nothing in life is ever perfect.

Oftentimes the biggest hurdle that nomads face is finding a clean space to use the bathroom and shower. One way around this problem is to invest in a gym membership that has locations all around the country. You can also treat yourself to a high-quality van linked here that has a bathroom and shower built into the living space.

It’s important to get a van with a kitchen or invest in some portable appliances that will allow you to cook nutritious meals instead of eating fast food every day. If you plan on traveling with someone else, be prepared for some challenges as you navigate the smaller space.

You Should Rent Before You Buy an RV or Van

If all of this information sounds great so far, then you might be ready to start shopping for your van. There’s nothing wrong with browsing your options, but you should always rent an RV or van before you make a purchase. This will allow you to figure out if you can adjust to this new lifestyle.

When your rental experience is a big success, you can buy your van with more confidence. If you realize that van life isn’t for you, then you can save yourself a lot of trouble by not making this huge investment.

Do You Want to Live the Van Life?

Van life does come with its own unique challenges, but many people who try this lifestyle out never want to return to the grind of their past. After reading this guide, you can consider the most important details and decide if you’d like to pursue getting your own van. If you’re still not sure, then you can always do van life part-time until you’re ready to make the switch.

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