Is Indefinite Leave to Remain really INDEFINITE

Over the years many people have had this question that what exactly is indefinite leave to remain. Is ILR permanent citizenship? If it is permanent citizenship then why is it called indefinite leave to remain? Is indefinite leave to remain and leave to remain different?

So many questions and so little time but no worries, we will try to answer as many questions in this article so you can soon get to work on your application for ILR.

Indefinite leave to remain is something which is more than a visa but it offers fewer benefits than a permanent residency. Under the ILR any immigrant can stay and work in the UK for an unlimited period of time. He or she wouldn’t have to get a visa extension every time their stipulated period of time is over to live in the UK.

This gives you the freedom to come and go to the UK as you please. You do not have to apply for a visa every time you leave the UK. The indefinite leave to remain once allotted is not taken back or cancelled. The ILR can only be revoked if you leave the UK and do not return for a stretch of two years.

The ILR is no way near the European Union Settlement Scheme which is available for the EEA nationals. However, now during the post-Brexit transition, the EU settlement scheme will be available for only those EEA nationals who have been living in the UK prior to 1st January 2021. Any EU national who might have entered the UK post-January 1st 2021, they will need to apply for an as valid visa just like any other non-EU personnel.

Once you are allotted ILR you might be eligible to receive some other benefits like tax-related credits and health care and welfare benefits. You will not be subjected to any kind of restrictions that a visa holder will be bounded by.

There are many people who at this point must be wondering that ok, I get what Indefinite Leave to Remain is but what about limited leave to remain. Limited leave to remain talks about the basic stipulations that is valid for all visa holders no matter the type. In this, they can come and stay in the UK for as long as their visa permits and also they will be required to follow all the rules and regulations that their visa demands of them.

For example, someone who is on a start-up visa cannot work in any other business, someone on a skilled worker route can not work without a certificate of sponsorship, etc.

Under definite leave to remain, you will not be allowed to access any public funds or any benefits that someone on ILR can access. Once your definite leave to remain expires you can either make a new application for the same or new visa category, you can make an application for an extension of your visa category permits the same, or if all went well then you can even apply for ILR or permanent residency.

Just thinking about it snakes one happy, doesn’t it?

However, you should also keep in mind the further costs. When you are making an application for Leave to remain it would cost you about £1033, and if you are applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain then it would cost you around £2,389. However, these are just basic application costs, there can be other additional costs.

Many people can apply for ILR after their short visa stay, which is one of the perks on their visas. However, you can also qualify for ILR by the 10-year long route. For more information on the same visit

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