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Is FIFA 20 Comfort Trade safe?


E-gaming has become one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. It has become most integrated with modern popular culture. May be still some people consider e-gaming as a fantasy sport, but it is different. E-Sports are basically a competitive video game between two or more players, and it is a rapidly growing business.

With all the waves made by FIFA 20, there is one question eco all around: “what is the best way to buy FIFA 20 coins without being banned?” this is the most in-demand question of FIFA 20’s time and why not? Everyone needs to play actively with the best team, and also wish to win. All these strong desires need money.

FIFA coins:

FIFA coins are virtual currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode that helps players to buy packs, cards, players, and items for the FUT club. These virtual currencies help gamers to budget their FUT clubs for buying and trading manager cards, players, and other things. These assets or packs purchased by FIFA coins are used for player’s club and trade on the Transfer market. Usually, the system awards the coins to the players for completing every single game in FIFA 20 Ultimate mood. Gamer can also earn the coins by selling their player in auction.

Why do gamers need to buy FIFA 20 coins?

When is the system providing coins to the players than why they need to buy these from somewhere else?

Actually, the system always offers and gives coins that are not sufficient to obtain the favorite or the best players in the market. For sure, every football lover would love to have Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi, or at least Mario Balotelli in their team. But all of these superstars lie in a costly and hefty region of around million plus coins. To overcome this dilemma buying FIFA coins is the only option, though taking a single wrong step can actually throw you away from the FIFA community.

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EA Sports consider buying, selling, and trading of FIFA coins from a third party source entirely against the rules. Your small mistake can make you face a complete coin wipe that leads you to temporary account suspension or a permanent ban.

Is there any safe way to buy FIFA 20 coins?

Comfort Trade, short CT is a way of transferring coins from FIFA coin sellers to buyers. In this method of trading, buyers firstly pay the sum. Then the buyer tells the seller account code in addition to a backup system. This information helps the seller to login once. It means that after making an order, the buyer doesn’t have to press a single more button. Seller takes it off from there and adds the FIFA 20 coins to the buyers’ account.

 It is the most comfortable, trusted, and safest way to purchase FIFA FUT coins. Although, this fast and very reliable method of buying coins is useless if you are not buying FIFA 20 coins from a trusted platform. There are so many fake websites available that predicate to sell original FIFA coins. They provide counterfeit coins that may create the risk of losing money or account hacked or banned for you.

Benefits of Comfort Trade system:

Comfort Trade is the most reliable and fast way of getting FIFA coins. This method helps buyers to save 5% penalty fees by EA. FIFA coin sellers who use the CT system have systems that are built not to be identified by EAs algorithms. They also have sufficient experience in coin transferring, and their automated system makes coin transfer super fast just within 20-30 minutes.

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Tips to avoid getting banned:

No doubt Comfort Trade system is very secure, but still to avoid any chances of a ban using this method you need to follow the following tips:

  • Always provide your security question to the seller or deactivate the login verification on FIFA 20 account to avoid any suspect of suspicious login.
  • Never buy coins for a new account and make sure that you have played more than 50 games on your FIFA 20 account.
  • Use the credited funds in your account immediately to avoid any coin wipe.
  • Don’t log in to your account before doing confirmation. Wait to receive a message from the seller, informing you of the successful transfer of FIFA coins to your account.


www.fifacoin.com/sell-fifacoins-to-us offers you the fastest and secure delivery of FIFA 20 coins with the Comfort Trade method. This is one of the most reliable FIFA coins transfer platforms that you can handover your EA credentials comfortably without being worried about hacking or account theft issues. There are thousands of satisfied customers who are regular buyers of FIFA currency from FifaCoins.com and give five-star ratings and highly positive feedback. Being careful with your personal data is always a safe practice, and that is why FifaCoins.com again emphasizes choosing a trusted and reliable seller.

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