iPhone Belt Holders – 5 Reasons Why You Should Get One

Are you wondering what all the buzz is about surrounding iPhone belt holders? Believe it or not, these are no longer a trend of the geek … they’re remarkably sheik!

When it comes to the latest model of iPhones, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for a truly exquisite piece of technology. In terms of protecting your investment, it shouldn’t be up for discussion or debate.

This high dollar tech is going to need to be safeguarded. That is if you intend to keep it in very good condition.

In this post, we’ll go over the 5 reasons why you need to get one of the most sought after accessories available today: The iPhone belt holders.

1.  Keep it Close

Losing your phone is the worst.

As a society, we are now, more than ever, dependent on our cell phones (unless you’re carrying a flip phone, which is still pretty awesome ).

With calls, texts, emails, passwords, notes, photos, reminders, games, and SO much more all inside our iPhones, you need to keep it close-by.

That’s where iPhone belt holders come in. With the new styles available on iPhone belt holders today, you’ll always know exactly where your phone is. That’s the convenience of being kept on your belt.

2. Free Pockets

Have you noticed that phones are getting bigger and bigger?

So long, farewell to the days of the palm-sized Nokia.

We currently have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s definitely one of the largest smartphones available today.

You’ve got to have some BIG pockets to fit these phones, and even then, it can be uncomfortable.

If you don’t have a purse or bag (or don’t want to lose it in your bag), then the iPhone belt holders are your ultimate answer.

They eliminate the phone from being in your pocket, so your pocket space is freed up for better things, like your wallet and keys.

3. Protection

When we look at the big picture, the cost of smartphones on the market today is on the rise. That’s why we must do everything we can to protect them.

No matter where we turn, hazards seem to be everywhere. This can range from risks like water damage to dropping on the pavement to pickpockets.

The struggle is undeniably real to keep our iPhones intact.

When your phone is secured with a holster, it is protected for two reasons.

First, your phone is far less likely to get broken by the hazards around us since it is gripping close to your hip.

On that note, iPhone belt holders also mean that you’ll be safe from one of the more common reasons for breaking a phone while in your back pocket.

Second, since at least half of all robberies involve cell phones, it’s more important than ever to keep your phone from being in a vulnerable place.

It’s important to keep in mind that you didn’t get it at a five-finger discount. And for that matter, neither should anyone else consider it up for grabs. When you’re sporting new styles in iPhone belt holders, your iPhone is secure and out of reach from pickpockets and other cell phones stealing psychopaths.

4. Double Protection

So, do you happen to be interested in the additional physical protection that a phone case has to offer? Well, you can definitely have the best of both worlds. This is because you can combine rugged iPhone cases with the latest line of iPhone belt holders, too.

In fact, I’ve got some pretty amazing news to share.

So, there’s a new line of iPhone belt holders that are compatible with Otterbox and Mophie cases. Yes, you’re reading that right. You can FINALLY have the best of both worlds. That’s exactly why you should use your favorite defense case and pair it with your very own durable protection choice. The best ones are made in America. These iPhone belt holders consist of nylon or leather.

The simple fact that there are top quality iPhone belt holders out there, should make the decision easy for you. I mean, c’mon, it’s a no brainer! It’s also evident that investing in double protection is even better for your iPhone’s safety!

5. Healthier

It just so happens that several years ago, a few revolutionary medical studies were released. These studies are important. That’s because they explained that there are several potentials, hidden dangers that come with regular cell phone use. Because of these findings, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and many well-known doctors offered solutions for protecting oneself from potential cell phone dangers.

This is due to the primary suggestion from the FCC was to put something between your body and your cell phone. What could this substance between your body and your iPhone be?Oh, could it be one of the latest iPhone belt holders available today?

Why, yes, it certainly could?

This supports one of the most important things many of us have come to realize since the recent tech advances made in strides with the iPhone.

It’s also a known fact that the worst place to keep your phone is in your shirt or pants pocket.

This is due to potential radiation. And what’s their suggestion?

So it appears that this is exactly why you should be “Stunting like your daddy” and invest in iPhone belt holders. This means that it’s bound to be an investment you won’t wind up regretting.

Final Word

Whether you’re already wearing iPhone belt holders, or just looking to get started, check out the vast selection you’ll find online.

Of course, with the variety and style available today, be sure to find the one that’s right for you. Inevitably, no matter what type of smartphone you have, companies like Turtleback Case will have a compatible case waiting for you.

In fact, their iPhone belt holders come in a variety of styles and materials. So no matter what, be sure to find one to ensure that you’ll be rocking the iPhone belt holders for the rest of your life.


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