Internet Options: Get Connected in Connecticut

If you are moving to the beautiful state of Connecticut, you may be wondering what it will take to get your utilities set up, especially your internet. There is not much these days that is available without access to the world wide web. Email for school or work, important forms and documents, and even your favorite phone apps require the internet to keep you connected. Here are some of the internet options to help you get connected in Connecticut.

Moving to Connecticut

If you are looking for resources for moving to Connecticut, then you are in the right spot. There are plenty of things for you to worry about, including changing your driver’s license, transferring some utilities, finding new providers for other services, and settling into your new life. You will need to change your address with postal services such as USPS, notify your creditors as well as insurance companies and employers. The one thing that can be made easy is finding a new internet provider.

Internet Options in Connecticut

When it comes to internet options in Connecticut, especially the Hartford area, you will have plenty of options. If you are looking for reputable providers with affordable monthly pricing and high download speeds, you are in the right spot. Depending on where you will be located, you will be able to find options ranging from fiber optic internet, DSL, and cable. With major companies such as Xfinity, Cox, and Optimum, you can trust in the plans these companies offer.

Top Residential Internet Providers in Hartford

A few major companies top the list when it comes to residential internet providers in Hartford, Connecticut. The first is Xfinity. With high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, you will be able to browse the web on your phone while streaming your favorite TV show. Services can be easily ordered online to schedule your installation at a time that works for you, or you can take advantage of their contact-free self-installation.

Frontier is another one of the forerunners for internet services in Hartford. They offer high download speeds thanks to their fiber optic network, up to 940 Mbps. Viasat provides download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. Last but certainly not least is HughesNet with satellite internet connections. You get up to 25 Mbps, which is plenty for frequent gaming and HD streaming for up to four people.

Types of Internet

There are several different types of internet available for service. These include options such as DSL, with service provided by phone cables. DSL is up to ten times faster than dial-up. Cable is another option that offers faster speeds than DSL. Satellite is typically a widely available option but users may sometimes experience lower speeds. Fiber optic internet is much faster than cable and DSL but may not be available for everyone. The type of service you can get will depend on where you’re living.

Whatever internet service provider you decide on, you and your family can enjoy all the television streaming, gaming, and web browsing that you want. Congratulations on your move to Connecticut.


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