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How to Install Cabinet Handles?

Cabinet Handles

One of the final steps, when installing new cabinet doors is the choice and installation of door handles. There is a wide variety to choose from to match virtually any decoration. The placement of the roche drawer handles is entirely in the hands of the homeowner; however, they are typically 1 inch from the bottom and side of the outer corner. Installing cabinet hinges requires the use of some patients in the first one, so it can be used as a template for the remaining handles.

Changing the accessories of your cabinets and furniture is one of the fastest and easiest ways to renovate a room. Knobs can be purchased at different prices and you can even paint them yourself.

Steps to install Roche Cabinet handle:

  1. Count the exact amount of knobs you will need. Remember to count each closet, closet, drawer, and door. When finished, count again. You will feel very angry with yourself if you make a mistake when counting and have to wait for more knobs to arrive.
  2. Measure the distance between the canters of the screw holes to determine the size of the lazysusan handles you will need (or read some suggestions in the notes below on how to move from two-hole handles to knobs).
  3. Decide what size knobs you will use. The trend now is to choose large-scale knobs, but you must do it carefully. Huge knobs on small-scale furniture can look a bit cartoonish, which may also be just the result you were looking for! If you have doors and drawers of frame and panel, you should take into account the width of the front crossbars. As a general rule, knobs and roche cabinet handles will look better if they do not exceed half the width of the front crossbar.
  4. Determine the size of the screws you will need. The knobs are usually supplied with screws ranging from 3.81 cm to 5.08 cm (1½ to 2 inches) thick and you should check them to make sure they are appropriate for your installation. Sometimes, doors and drawers will need screws of two different lengths and different furniture may require screws of different sizes. Drawers with faces applied as separate pieces will require screws that pass through a block of wood or wooden substrate of 3.18 to 3.81 cm (1¼ to 1½ inches) thick.
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Typically, the doors are made of wood of 1.91 cm (3/4 inch) thick, so the screws of 2.54 cm (1 inch) are usually sufficient. You can measure the thickness of the face where the screw will go. In addition to paying attention to the length, you must make sure that the screws are of the correct diameter. This detail will not be a problem if you use the screws that came with the knobs. But if these screws are not the right length, the best thing you can do is determine the length you need and take the knob to the accessory store to make sure you buy a screw with the correct diameter.

  1. Remove existing handles using the appropriate tool to remove screws. (For stubborn screws, spray a little WD-40 or multipurpose oil on the screw head, or apply one or two drops of the Goo Gone cleaner directly onto the screw head. Let the substance act for a few minutes and the screw will leave with minimal effort).
  2. Install the new knobs. Drill holes if necessary. These holes must have the correct diameter and must be drilled perpendicular to the surface. If you drill at an angle, it will be difficult to get the knobs to fit the screws.
  3. With the other hand and from the inside of the door or drawer, insert the tip of a new screw into the existing screw hole of the unit. (Only what is necessary to start).
  4. Using the appropriate tool (a flathead screwdriver, a star head or a hexagonal wrench), turn the screw through the hole in the wood and into the hole in the new handle. Adjust the screws after all the screws on that handle have been installed and you are satisfied with the fit, appearance, and alignment of the new handle.
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Tips and Warnings to install Roche Cabinet handles:

  •   Take note of the size and style so that you can buy hinges that fit your cabinet properly.
  •   Ornate buttons and handles may be harder to clean.
  •   All buttons and handles are not the same sizes! Bring a sample of each of your existing handles to compare and choose the right size.
  •   You can also measure the gap between the holes where the handle screws are in place, and take note of the screw lengths and thicknesses.
  •   Another option is to glue a gusset or a flat wooden ornament that covers the two holes. You can paint it before pasting it if you are not going to paint the furniture. Then drill a hole or two holes to place the new handle.

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