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Why would Instagram be the next big thing by 2020?

Social media platforms have become the order of the day. A couple of decades ago, who would have imagined that a person’s morning routine would start not with him – waking up from his bed and grabbing his toothbrush, instead of his phone and scroll through his Instagram feedKevin Systrome and Mike Kreiger, the harbingers of Instagram probably had the foresight of the enormous power of social media, it would have on humans.

Though it might have been a risk taken by them to have introduced Instagram at the time when other popular social media apps were ruling, Instagram with its gradual and unique introductions step by step, made heads turn towards it. Not to mention another man with the foresight of instagram becoming a lofty giant, attracting hundreds of millions of users towards it – Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, who later bought Instagram. This itself is proof enough of how much impact instagram had and continues to have in everyone’s life.

Instagram was initially an off shoot of a young sapling but very soon transformed into a quintessential necessity, growing up into a massive, unshakable banyan tree, connecting the lives of millions across the world. It is not that easy to become a sensations among the public, given the other mighty social media platforms.

But instagram did it, with its unique, professional quality filters for pictures, vibrant colors and assured, selective privacy with whom we want to share our pictures. It has become our modern day photograph album, capturing fond, memorable moments of our lives through insta stories and posts.

Instagram is also known for its global reach. To give an example from the recent times, when the entire world is staying mum during the crisis in Sudan, instagram is on fire. Every single one is trying to spread information regarding the atrocities happening over there, the level best a person living thousands of miles away from that place can do to create ripples and pave way for a solution to be taken by authorities.

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Instagram serves to be an excellent pillar of support and platform to spread information about the numerous killings and rampant curfews in Sudan, which is not as effectively conveyed by any other media, as instagram. Many Sudanese are uploading videos and pictures of the horrors they are experiencing.

In India, during the Kerala and Odisha floods, every individual including actors, sportsmen, artists took to instagram and insisted on donating in cash or kind by posting the national relief fund link on stories to help recover the flood – hit areas.

Even recently, during the Lok Sabha elections 2019 in India, everyone actively took charge of spreading awareness of our right to exercise our vote, from national leaders to celebrities. Instagram has thus become an integral part of all our lives. It is our modern day identity card, a social one.

Everyone – from the country’s Prime Minister, has an account on instagram, linking him directly to the crores of citizens, creating a personal, vast and immediate approach and reach, which cannot be achieved any other way with so much ease.

The platform’s reach and sustainability is directly linked with the confidence level it has among the users. In this, the genuineness of the users being real and the safety and security of the data shared on the platform by the users are of paramount significance.

The mechanism to filter the objectionable posts having wide ramifications or the same being vulgar, kindling religious and racist sentiments, promoting hatred, being partial towards one community or promoting anti – social elements , is very vital for the survival of the platform.

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Instagram has all these internal checks and balances to have a secure platform and is receiving good feedback from the users on this count. The goodwill level is reaching its optimum, which makes Instagram, a must in the future.

Keeping in mind all these factors – the merits and utility of instagram which is extremely versatile, this can be used a platform for expanding businesses, start-ups, entertainment, politics, sports, news, environment and lifestyle.

Anything in this world is subject to change, but man’s willingness and need to socialize, share, communicate would never change. Taking into account the reach achieved and the surge it is witnessing, the insta platform will be the BIG THING in 2020.

Studies and researches show the increasing number of users opting for instagram and the many benefits they experience because if its wide reach, convenient work – life balance it offers for those employed in instagram, the vivid opportunities they get here plus scope for growth multifold.

It helps famous personalities actually connect with their fanbase and communicate. It facilitates reach and interaction and brings us all closer, as one. It knits the entire world together each time we log in. It brings to us so many people’s lives, who might be sitting in the extreme opposite of the world. Instagram is unstoppable and is sure to soar beyond the limit of sky and would be one of our most important credentials by 2020.

There seems no stopping for this app. It is growing and expanding limitlessly, touching and impacting lives in every nook and corner. This is the opportunity. If you plan to make it big on Instagram you need to act NOW.

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Agencies like Eifnox Growth has been helping Instagramers grow organically for the past 3 years! As time progresses, the new things are going to stay, evolve and grow, surpassing the obsolete methods. So it’s always better to have an agency work on behalf of your account. By that way, you not only grow faster, you also save a lot of time.

With new features and additions to enhance and make the app even more lucrative and user-friendly, such as introducing stickers on stories, instagram really is adapting to the changing times and cater to the needs of every user in its own unique way.

With its coverage and might, Instagram will definitely be the undisputed NUMBER ONE by 2020. This is not from only one single perspective of social media, but from the overall stage of the world wherein Instagram’s presence would be indispensable by 2020. Instagram has come a long way in these ten years, and for sure will be the most promising platform in the coming years.

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