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Inflate MKE – Bounce House Rentals For Any Occasion

Have a family party at your house and not getting a feasible fun option for children? Looking for a safe amusement choice? Want to hire a bounce house for this purpose? What are you waiting for? Inflate MKE is a company that delivers bounce house services for a reasonable price.

We Are Professional Inflate MKE Installer

Inflatable houses are an alternate option to serve children with the best in-house happiness. We have been doing this business for more than a decade. We are professional bounce house installers. Don’t worry about the quality of our services, our team hosts expert installers that have enough experience to handle any inflatable problem.

It is a prior option to select professional Inflate MKE. Near us, safety is the key reason behind every service that we deliver. From house parties to commercial gatherings, we can provide you a vast range of inflatable houses.

Inflate MKW installers follow a pattern to complete the process. When someone calls us to hire our bounce house, we book an order considering the need (delivery time, bounce house size). After that, our installation team delivers and installs an inflatable house. During installation, all those steps are kept in mind that are compulsory to ensure a safe environment for kids. After installation, our professionals guide elders about how they can ensure maximum safety under their guard and what to do if there is an emergency. Once the function is over, we remove the bounce house and take payment.

Specialized Inflate MKE

As we are an experienced bounce house installation company, we are fully insured and licensed. Insured means that if there is some kind of damage to the inflatable house, don’t worry about it. We’ll handle the damage. If by chance our installers damage your property, we will pay for it. With inflate MKE, you don’t have to worry about your property, safety and kids’ fun. We are experts and we will manage everything.

We are one of the leading and trusted bounce house service providers in Wisconsin. Our firm is licensed and hence we can say that we deliver the best services in the area. Inflate MKE delivers bounce house services in time. If you want to get urgent services, we will not charge additional money. Our charges are affordable and reasonable.

When Can You Avail Of Inflate MKE Services?

A vast range of inflatable house installers are working in Wisconsin but they cannot assure the fast service delivery as we do. Moreover, you can avail of our bounce house installation services at any function. There are no restrictions. There are three basic categories of bounce houses; normal, economic and commercial. Once you contact us to rent a bounce house, we will listen to you and will book a bounce house according to your needs. If there is a small party, an economical bounce house will be enough but if you are hosting a graduation/opening party, we will recommend a commercial bounce house.

You can avail of our rental inflate MKE services for your backyard party, graduation party, church party, day house event, grand opening event, birthday party, wedding and other functions that you can think of.

We Guide You Everything

As Inflate MKE is the trusted company that delivers bounce house services, our installers also inform you about everything. It is possible that you are renting a bounce house for the first time and you may not be familiar with the safety steps. We will help you in this regard. As our experts install inflatable houses at your mentioned place, they deliver you the necessary information that is beneficial for you to ensure children’s safety.

  • There should be a supervisor/adult watching over the kids’ moves while they are enjoying the inflatable house. Unfortunately, if there is some mishap, adults will handle satiation using a critical approach.
  • Inflate MKE’s experts acknowledge you about the usability of the bounce house. What should be the minimum/maximum weight in a bounce house? What are operating perimeters? How can you assure optimal safety following detailed instructions?
  • As bounce house is made of oxford cloth or nylon, there are some precautionary measures to avoid cuttings and leaks. We advise not to enter a child in inflating MKE house with glasses and shoes. Moreover, kids may face injuries because of these.
  • For safety purposes, guide your kids not to do flips and rough movements inside a bounce house.

How Are We Different?

Inflate MKE is a trusted facility that is providing bounce house services to locals. We are identical and different from other inflatable house providers.

  • We have experienced bounce house installers.
  • Our company is certified and licensed.
  • We value clients’ needs.
  • We deliver in-time services.
  • Prioritizing safety, we install bounce houses.
  • We educate elders about kids’ safety aspects.
  • There is no upfront, we take money upon pickup.

Why ruin your moments by contacting a third-grade bounce house installation firm? Contact Inflate MKE for better results.

Our Rates Are Affordable?

For us, customer satisfaction is more than money. Our motto is to deliver valued services to maintain our business reputation ensuring property and children’s safety. Our services charges are affordable. However, if you want to tour the market to confirm service charges, you are free to wander. Nevertheless, you will find us a better option over others.

Let’s Make Your Kids Happy

We will install a bounce house according to your needs. We can install traditional bounce houses, combination bounce houses and heavy-duty bounce houses. Each type has its own benefits and circumstances. Considering your choice, location, bounce house type, a number of kids and occasion, we can deliver optimal bounce house-related services.

Our Services Areas

We started our business grounding from Milwaukee but now, we have our branches in West Bend, Fond Du Lac, Hartland and Sheboygan.

Contact us today to book your bounce house. You can rent our bounce house for the weekend as our installers will install inflatable house on Friday and will pack things on Sunday or Monday, as you wish. Make your kids’ childhood memorable with Inflate MKE bounce house services.

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