In-Depth Look at Merino Wool

Merino wool is Ultra-soft fabric which is generally used in making base layers, active shirt, jackets and socks and they are the right clothing for outdoor gear and best travel partner. However, do you know why merino wool is in demand and what is special about this fabric?

What Is Merino Wool?

The breed of sheep, Merino are reared in harsh environments traditionally, that regular sheep can’t survive in. This sheep wool is soft, finely crimped and highly insulating. The merino wool is very expensive and finer, and it’s because of the micron count of it, which is very low.

The micron count of regular wool is 40 or more, but merino wool is much finer with micron starting at about 24 down or down to 14. Because this wool has a thin diameter, they are not itchy or rough like thicker wools and still are great to be worn both in winters and summers with giving the right amount of warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities. So, it is perfect for making daily wear like merino wool polo shirt or t-shirts.

Benefits of Merino Wool

There are all kinds of clothing made from these miracle fabrics to be used as daily wear, travel wear or other gears such as socks, eco shirt, sweaters etc. It’s because of the merino wool properties that are:

Soft and Comfortable

They are the finest wool fibre so they are soft and feel comfortable. It’s also hypoallergenic so you are not going to have any skin reactions at all and it also has natural static resistance, so wear your Tencel t-shirt comfortably anytime and anywhere.

Moisture Wicking and Breathability

The merino wool has a high level of moisture-wicking property because it can retain a lot of liquid relative to its weight. So, wearing a merino wool polo t-shirt will keep you comfortable by keeping you dry it also increases breathability. 

Antimicrobial or No-Stinking Properties

The merino wool prevents stink-causing bacteria from growing because of its high moisture control, which means you can wear your favorite active shirt for many days without it becoming smelly for your outdoor adventures, travel or at the gym.

Natural Elasticity and Durability

The merino wool has a natural crimp and so it can be stretched 30 thousand times without being damaged. Nor this fiber will stretch out or lose its shape if taken care properly. The clothing made from it is long-lasting, and you can extend the life of your merino clothing by washing them in cold water.

All these properties make merino wool expensive but worth the price to buy it. You can wear light merino wool polo shirt while hiking and running in the warm months and then can wear the long-sleeve merinos in the cold season for enjoying cold-weather activities. You can even buy the merino socks as these are incredibly soft and avoid the stink. Merino wool clothes are enjoyable to wear during every month of the week as they provide warmth and are comfortable to wear.


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