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Importance of Packaging in The Ecommerce Industry

Packaging is a very widespread term, as most of the products are sold packaged in one way or other, people may think that there is no difference in packaging of the product purchased from a retail or from an online store. The situation is quite different and packaging plays a more vital role in e-commerce industries.

There was a time when among all the other important aspects of selling online, packaging was usually neglected, but now the scenario is completely changed and evolved into a totally new concept. Numerous e-commerce firms started investing in corrugated boxes to improve packaging and labeling instead of simply wrapping the product, putting it in a box and delivering it.

The basic purpose of upgraded packaging and labeling is to ensure the safe delivery of the product and effective promotion of the brand along with lots of added advantages. Let’s understand how important packaging is, in today’s e-commerce industry.

First impression counts

First impression matters, because it creates the first preview of the product in the customer’s mind. Especially while shopping online, first physical contact customers have with their product is the packet and the way it’s packed. This is the best opportunity for e-commerce firms to make a good impression and strengthen their brand identity.

On the contrary, poor packaging sends a wrong message and can make the customer upset which will turn out as a loss for the business. Along with packaging, make sure that the packaging companies put all essential information about the product on top that you want your customers to know.

Reduces Company Costs

Proper packaging not only looks good, but it also reduces the company’s cost significantly. It takes care of the product safety assuring you that the product doesn’t get damaged during shipping, which minimizes the probabilities of a customer returning the product back. If product gets damaged and customer returns it back then have to reimburse the whole amount impacting in company’s profit and if the customer asks for replacement then also, it will incur additional costs to reship the returned product. Contact a good material supplier to understand which material is excellent for packaging which will ensure proper packaging and help you in avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Packaging Builds Relationship with Customers

The best way to build a good relationship with your customers is through packaging. Along with leaving the first impression it also helps in leaving a lasting impression on your customer, even long after the sale is been done. The customer experience is what makes a product popular, good customer experience will earn you loyalty and when a customer gets what they want they don’t even bother to pay a little bit extra.

Promotes Brand Value

Packaging promotes your brand value because it’s not only about a simple container holding the best of product. Rather it is more than that, research has proved that the maximum customer’s judge the value of a brand from their packaging. Also, packaging should be done in a way that it keeps the product safe from any type of damage or wear & tear.

If there’s food item or health care products or medicines, you should be extra careful and remember package should be temperature controlled. Packaging should not be very complex or sophisticated, but it should perfectly fulfill chief objectives and deliver the product in proper condition. This will result in promoting and enhancing your brand’s value.

Easy tracking & identification

The packaging integrates unique codes on the packages which allow easy tracking of the products throughout the distribution process. Codes are available in different formats such as barcodes, electronic radio frequency identification or it can be a simple code that can be read manually or by machine to make the tracing easy. Also, every online store uses its own special sized, colored and shaped container for packing to make them look different from their competitors. Which makes it an important source that serves as an identification of the product.

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Packaging opportunity is a secret weapon

Take your time and think creatively, packaging will give you many added advantages. You spend lots of time creating and delivering your product if you will not use the packaging opportunity, it will be a big loss for you. The packaging is more than a simple box used to deliver your product, it’s a chance to set the standard in front of customers. Use the opportunity as a secret weapon to win the hearts of your customers and stand out from competitors.

To make the bond stronger with customers, ask for feedback, understand what they expect. When you will deliver what they want considering the way they think, they will never go away from you. Also, they will tell their friends and family how satisfied they are with your product and delivery, it will create good market value while increasing the popularity as well as revenue for the company.

It is convenient and keeps the product safe

Preserving of food is important to keep them in good condition for long durations and packaging offers additional security in numerous ways. Especially, a secure seal protects the product from the outside atmosphere and oxygen, which can be harmful to products. Along with the safety feature, it provides convenience in transportation from one place to another place. In a wider sense, it offers ease of access, handling, and disposal, which adds value as well as a competitive edge to the product.

The industry has realized how important investing in packaging supplies, as well as labeling, is and how overwhelmed customer feels when they receive the product in the best shape and perfectly packed. Focusing on e-commerce can provide various benefits, but it doesn’t overcome the need for high-quality packaging.

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A firm that develops a strong packaging tactic can easily segregate themselves in the multi-billion-dollar eCommerce business market today. That’s why some of the online retailers already started premier third-party advertising on their packaging. All these innovations are made to make the customer happy and order again, ultimately creating a good brand image, increasing revenue and adding up to the company’s growth.


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