Importance of Giving Thanks After an Interview

There have been numerous studies conducted which suggest that a person’s basic manners and courtesy play a huge role in their employability. For nearly every job you apply to, the employer is always looking for a warm and welcoming ending note which is accompanied with a thank you. They expect you to have those manners as it shows how your conduct will be in the long-run and how you will be adapting to the environment of the organization. 

On the other hand, while a majority of the employers expect this behavior, a major part of job seekers do not realize the need for it and do not follow up with a thank you. According to many surveys, it was concluded that the majority of job seekers do not bother to send thank you notes and emails to their employers simply because they do not realize its importance. Read on here to know more about the importance of thank you after an interview.

Decide an Appropriate Time for Giving Thanks

It is important that you send a thank you message within 24 hours of giving the actual interview. This way, the interviewers would be able to recognize where the message is from and they will be able to acknowledge it. Moreover, remember to ask everyone from the interview panel to give you their business card so that you mention the correct names and their email IDs in your email. However, if you forget to take their business cars, it is always a safer option to contact the company’s mainline and ask for the details of the interview panel. This will help you in drafting a well-formatted thank you email. 

Get Creative With Your Emails

You are going to meet multiple people from the organization on your interview day. Rather than sending everyone a generic thank you email, always look for new ways to send creative emails to everyone. Find a way you can thank every individual differently based on how well they have treated you. Pick on the small details and mention them in the email while thanking the other person. That is going to set you apart from the rest of the pool applying for the same job.

Sending tailor-made messages to every individual from the interview panel is going to demonstrate your interest in the job you are applying for. You can learn more from here about the importance of thank you letters. Hence, this in turn increases your opportunity at employability. Use your appreciated points from the interview in the email by highlighting them as your unique employability factor.


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