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HR Certifications: A Trajectory to Higher Pay

There are times when you feel your fate is in someone else’s hands. Perhaps you’re looking for a breakthrough in your career but you absolutely have no clue how to move ahead. Or maybe you’re looking for a window or maybe a door through which your visibility can be seen in your organization. But you’re stuck and you don’t know how to make that happen.

With technology on the rise, professionals are feeling more burned out fearing AI and automation would take away their jobs. Despite job losses that are predicted to surface the job market in the coming years, is there something that you’re doing to curb this predicament?

Upgrade your HR skills by earning a credible certification and move up in your HR career. Most human resource professionals tend to stay confused about taking up certifications to get into a better job. HR certifications are key elements that help address the skill gap in the current scenario.

Why earn an HR certification?

Though there are companies that look at the candidate’s education while hiring, some potential employers look for credible certifications to assess the candidate’s caliber. Best HR certifications influence the professional’s chances of being promoted. Advancement of technology has changed the way business function creating a newer environment with new job skills.

  • A certified HR professional at the entry-level has 82% of chances of being promoted, says a recent report.
  • Likewise, an HR certification promotes salary boost and promotions, PayScale and it is said that HR certifications are especially important at the early stage of the HR’s career.
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As human resources transition from being traditional to becoming a key strategic partner, the talks that surround certification will continue to turn the heat up. In a competitive talent market, companies have now started to realize they can’t ignore the fact of HR being a major factor in terms of hiring and retention.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, CEOs rated talent acquisition to be one of the top-most challenges that most organizations are currently facing. In simple words, human resource professionals are now being called upon to make strategic business decisions. And precisely, executives and potential employers approve of candidates who are certified.

Does HR certifications impact salary compensation?

Being a certified HR professional definitely promote to higher and better pay. But the amount of pay will vary depending on the type of certification program, the certification body, industry, work level, and job location.

Over the past decade, Best HR certifications have been incredible to HR professionals from a career growth perspective.

In the year 2008, the percentage boost for certification holders was around 17%. This eventually accelerated close to 40% in 2016, before it went down during the past two years which then dropped down to 31.6% in 2018.

Not having the latest skills might lead to job loss and human resource professionals are learning to realize this fact. The industries that pay the most to HR professionals include retail and customer service, accommodation and food services, along with the healthcare department. Meanwhile, nonprofits, engineering, science, and technology sector value credentials and certifications the least.

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