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What to do if the HP Printer is not Printing the Envelopes Correctly

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In order to print envelopes please follow the below steps this will allow you to print envelopes in an appropriate manner. First of all, load the envelopes in the printer, remove the existing paper from the paper tray, now slide the paper to the outermost position, then load the envelope the way it has been guided in the printer manual. Please note you can load a maximum of 5 envelopes at a given time for printing. Please ensure the envelope is in the center of the tray. Please gently slide the tray inside the hp printer if you hp printer not printing anything after following these instructions then read out our full blog post.

The envelope settings in Microsoft word is a helpful tool. It may interest you to note that using the envelopes option you can adjust the height width and address box on the envelope from the given dialogue box. Once you print the same you can check whether the envelope is printing correctly or not. In case it has not printed the same correctly you can readjust the settings for the same. Now once again please give a print. 

Steps to Print an Envelope

If hp printer won’t print on the envelope then on the mailing tab click the option create a group and then click on the option called envelope. Then select the envelopes option from the envelopes tab. In the envelope size box please select the size of the envelope that you need to print. Click the print option. Open the printing tray and load the envelope place it in the center. Now click on print envelope, get the easy steps for how to fix hp printer not printing issue.

Steps to print an envelope in the Mac

On the view menu please click on print layout, On the tool menu click on envelopes, In the delivery address box please provide the mailing address. Please also mention the return address box where the return address is clearly mentioned. Insert the envelope in the hp printer now click on print. 

Best way to Print Multiple Envelopes

Please click on the contact list, in the mailing tab select the letters option, In printing on option select the type and style of envelope you would like to print on. Click add order select the domestic or select the contacts. Place only 5 envelopes at a given time. Ensure your digital post code is printed on the same. My hp printer is not printing properly then set a standard business envelope is size 10 you can select the size of the envelope based on your requirement. Now load your envelopes and click on print postage option. Please note you have printed multiple envelopes. 

How to Print Envelopes on HP Deskjet Printer

Please open MS word, please click on the file and choose a new document, please click on tools then select envelopes and labels, please type the delivery address in the space provided on the envelope. If hp Deskjet not printing follow the upcoming commands then Choose to add to document, please click on file then print, select landscape mode this will allow to print paper size number 10 which is the standard size of the envelope.

You can save this address document this way you will be able to create more envelopes in future, by editing the same format again.

How to Print an Envelope Using HP Printer

If hp printer not printing text then Please choose the settings tab click on mailing option now type the delivery and return addresses now place a blank envelope in the printer tray select print option This prints the envelope correctly. 

Printing envelopes is a very convenient and simple task now that HP printers are available in the market you don’t need to wait to visit a printing press. This activity can take place at your door step in a cost effective way. 

The simple reason why an envelope is printed incorrectly is because it is not placed properly in the system. Please ensure the address name of the person and your digital post code all are correctly mapped in the fields provided in the envelope dialogue box so that it reaches the designated person in a timely manner. 

Advantages of Printing Envelopes in a HP Deskjet Printer

All business envelopes are printed in a convenient and cost effective way. You can print multiple envelopes at a given time. You can print envelopes in batches, Printed address on the envelope is better than a handwritten one. If you are associated with an organization you can print envelopes in bulk and keep this will allow you use the envelopes whenever required by your business if hp not printing envelopes then contact the support.

How to resolve the Printing issue with Envelopes

If hp printer not printing anything on paper then you have to reconnect and once you set a print command for printing an envelope the hp printer sends the print job to tray 1. This prints the envelope in the default setting. Please follow the steps given in the beginning of the article to print envelopes in a specified format. Otherwise the hp printer will pick up the default command. Please note the specified envelope format cannot be set as default setting permanently due to system limitation. Also the envelopes available for printing are of a certain type and it is not necessary that you always use the standard size of the envelope to print. If envelopes vary in sizes you can always change the settings as per your requirement. Please ensure the computer and hp printer settings are in sync with each other to print the envelopes correctly. 

Common Issues in Printing Envelopes

The common issues while printing envelopes is that it is a time consuming task and hp printer not printing correctly. A handful of envelopes can only be printed. The user needs to ensure all information available on the envelopes is appropriately printed. In case this is not the case then there is a high chance of the envelope not reaching its destination. Since envelopes are not like normal pages which are A4 in size each time you print a fresh lot the envelopes need to be set again for the hp printer to print appropriately.


The common hp error for envelopes not printing correctly can be rectified by the strategies given in the due course of this hp printer will not print article. Please keep in mind that each time you print a batch of envelopes you need to customize the settings as per your requirement. 

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