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How To Use Your Front Load Washing Machine In Right Way

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A washing machine is one of the most important technologies in our daily life. They not only save time and energy but make our lives fuss-free too. Automatic washing machines have reduced our workload and increased our productivity.

There are two types of washers available in the market – top load washers and front load washers. Front-load washing machines are more efficient and expensive than top load ones. Since washing machines are electronic appliances, it is always imperative to use them in the right way for longer durability.

To maintain your best fully automatic washing machine, let us have a look at the right manner of using it!

Use the right amount and type of detergent

Front loading washing machines have a drawer to dispense detergent. It is vital to use the correct quantity of detergent. More detergent is being required for more clothes or dirtier clothes. Hard water also consumes more detergent than soft water. You should use a detergent made for high-efficiency (HE) machines. Regular detergents can build up on the drum and cause damage to the washing machine.

Load the clothes

Load your dirty clothes into the drum of the washing machine. You should leave enough space for the clothes to move to the drum. You can put your palm between the clothes and the edge of the drum to check if you have loaded the right quantity. If there is space for your palm to fit in, you can go ahead. But if your palm does not fit in, you should take out some clothes. Always check the pockets of the clothes before loading them into the machine.

Use fabric conditioner

You should fill the dispenser drawer with a fabric conditioner until the limit as mentioned in your washing machine manual book. Over-filling may make the dispenser not work at all. Front-load washing machines use less water, and hence; less conditioner is needed.

Set the temperature

You should select the temperature based on fabric care labels. Select the lowest temperature in case of clothes with multiple temperatures.

Choose the right washing cycle

Choosing the right spin cycle is very important to make your clothes dirt-free while maintaining their texture. Delicate fabrics need a slow spin cycle while durable fabrics can go for a faster spin cycle.

Start the cycle

You can start the spin cycle after finishing with all the above steps.

Unload the clothes

You should always unload your clean clothes immediately from the washing machine. Do not leave damp clothes in the machine as it may lead to bad odour and mildew.

Leave the door open

After removing the clothes from the drum, leave the door open for air circulation. It will also prevent bad smell.

Clean the drum

You should wash the door’s seal and inside of the drum with vinegar and water at regular intervals.

Clean the drain pump filter

Hair and fabric threads can get clogged in the drain pump filter leading to slow drainage of water. You should clean the drain pump filter whenever you face problems with water drainage.

Now that you know about using a front load washing machine, you can go ahead and buy one of the best washing machines under Rs.15000 and beyond. But front load washing machines are quite expensive, and you can consider buying easy installments.

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