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How To Take Care Of Your Five Senses With Age?


As long as we are young and healthy, we may not consider the upcoming threats. Apart from developing chronic diseases, the loss of an essential sense can also make you miserable. As you age, that you will be, your brain’s control over your organs tends to decrease continually.

Especially if you are above 40, then you must pay regular visits to your physician and consult his advice for maintaining the natural senses. You may do some research on your won, but for that, you must visit some great platforms with authentic information such as doffitt.com, or follow a professional health blogger.

Protect And Maintain Your Eyesight

You might have seen some older adults, holding a book or paper a bit far from their face to read properly. Such conditions arise when the muscles that use to hold our delicate lenses get weak. The only way to experience a perfect sight for a more extended period is, exercising and massaging. You must use almond oil for gently massaging our eye areas. Secondly, exercise will boost up the blood circulation in your body that will automatically affect muscle performance.

You will need to make a few changes in your diet, such as adding more vitamin A content in your food. You may take red vegetables, but kindly avoid tomatoes as they can cause a rise in uric acids. Carrots and berries are excellent alternatives for tomatoes.

Maintaining The Sense Of Smell.

We all know that all our senses are signals being carried by the nerves. In our nose, we have got two nerve endings that are physically quite weak; they receive signals for the smell. As our brain gets weak and its control over the nervous system decline, these nerves are unable to accept any sensation properly.

Loss of this sensation is rare and only found in people who are above 60. Smell training lowered alcohol intake, and exercise is the three effective solutions for maintaining this sense in the long run.

 Sustaining The Sense Of Taste

Your taste buds are officially your helpers in loving life in case you are foody. Among all the sense related issues, this can be controlled through diet. Usually, the main reason for the loss of taste is high blood pressure. Changes in diet and flavors can help a lot in treating this loss.

Prolonging The Sense Of Touch

Sense of touch is one of the severe losses. Movement and exercise are the only way to keep our nervous system working for the various parts of our body. There are no other ways; if this condition prevails, there are higher risks of strokes and brain hemorrhage.

Taking Care Of The Sense Of Hearing

The most annoying sense loss, not for the sufferer but for the people around him. The loss of hearing has become a regular thing for older people, and unfortunately, researches have shown that loss of hearing will eventually lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Avoid noisy places for minimizing this loss; moreover, wearing Hearing aids can also help. Lastly, visiting your ear specialist and psychologist after every few months is essential. Otherwise, you will not be able to assess the loss.

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