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How to Stay Fit all Summer Long

Having the perfect summer body can seem like an insurmountable task. All bodies are beautiful but staying fit and healthy is a priority that people of many body types can aspire to. If you want to keep your body fit, in shape, and strong all summer long, there are a few steps that you can take.

While gyms and fitness studios may remain closed in many parts of the country, you can still get the summer body you crave by doing the right set of workouts at home, coupled with a healthy and delicious diet.

Check out these steps for staying fit and healthy from Memorial Day to Labor Day and beyond.

Make a workout plan and stick to it

First things first. If you want to be fit and strong, having a solid workout plan that you can stick to is essential. Sure, going for a run once every three weeks when you’re feeling guilty after a few too many nights of partying might be better than nothing, but if you want to see results that you can be proud of, it’s better to make a consistent workout routine that you know you’ll follow week after week.

New to fitness and not sure where to start? Here’s a simple guide to the different workouts you should seek to incorporate:

  • Cardio: this one’s essential for burning fat and building endurance. Try running, biking, intense yoga flows, or jump-rope for a simple and efficient cardio work out you’ll stick to. All it takes is finding a local running shoes sale and getting some shoes to hit the road in.
  • Lifting: if you want to get seriously toned – or maybe even bulk a bit – you’ll want to start weight lifting. Start low and slow; doing a higher number of controlled reps is way better for you than busting your back on a massive lift.
  • Mixed: exercises like climbing, which requires strength to lift yourself but endurance to keep up pace, or surfing, which also combines lifting with cardio, can be great ways to stay in shape while also developing an awesome hobby.

Build a filling, nourishing, and healthy diet

Next, it’s time to think not just about what you do with your body, but what you put in it as well. After all, you’re only as good as the fuel you use to power yourself. You can do all the deadlifts you want, but if your diet consists of sugary, fatty, carb-saturated foods, you likely won’t see the summer body definition you crave.

Building a healthy diet is not the same as dieting. There’s no need to call off certain foods entirely. The process of choosing healthier foods in general and limiting your junk food to small portions and special occasions, is often the key to a balanced and healthy diet. Here are two tips for making healthier meals:

  • Eat at home more: restaurant food is delicious. Why? Because they load it up with more sugar, salt, and butter than you would ever dare to put in something you were cooking at home. By cooking at home, you know exactly what’s going into your meals. It’s great for your budget, too!
  • Try a plant-based diet: Meat, and red meat in particular, is filled with unhealthy fats that can cause you to feel bloated, boost your cholesterol levels, and make it hard to see the gains you’re yearning for. Opt for plant-based meals whenever you get the chance, consisting of high-proteins beans, plenty of fresh veggies, and clean fats like avocado.

Remember your mental health matters too

Lastly, your bodily fitness is only as good as your mental fitness. If working out every day, or feeling stressed about your body, is making you feel down on yourself and anxious, it’s okay to give it a rest. The key is to love yourself enough to want to nourish your body and build your muscles, not to hate yourself for not having the body you want.

Throwing in mindfulness exercises like focused breathing, yoga, and guided meditations can be a helpful way to add mental fitness to your daily body fitness routine. With the right steps and the right habits, the perfect summer 2020 fitness schedule is achievable.

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