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How to Remove Mold from Fabric Furniture?

Mold and mildew spread rapidly inside a home. Once they get to your fabric furniture, they can accelerate their adventure to your walls, floors, and several other points. If you act slowly, you might be forced to call in the furniture removal experts to haul away affected pieces. This, of course, is when the damage is beyond the point of salvage.

When mold damages upholstery, you can’t do much other than plan a furniture removal. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can prevent all of this from happening. By removing the mold early enough, you might just save the situation.

Aside from salvaging your upholstery from further damage, you also safeguard the health of your family by removing the molds early. In case the mold has penetrated deep into the fabric furniture, then you have no other option than to call the furniture removal experts to haul it away. Alternatively, you can also work with professional upholstery cleaners who can get deeply-infested fabric cleaned. Here’s how to remove mold from fabric furniture:

Get the Right Equipment

The first step is always to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment for mold removal. Here are some of the tools you’ll need to have with you:

  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • White vinegar.
  • Vacuum with filter.
  • Pants and long sleeves.
  • Mask or respirator.

All of these items are crucial to the completion of the job successfully. Some are meant to safeguard your health, while others are to make your work easier.

Procedure to Follow to Avoid Furniture Removal

The whole procedure we lay out here is to help you safeguard your health and prevent furniture removal. Prepare by dressing in the long sleeve pants that you can easily dispose of after the job. It’s important that you dispose of the pants afterward to prevent the recurrence of the mold.

Put on the gloves, mask, and goggles to prevent inhalation and direct contact with mold spores. Also, ensure that you’re working in a well-ventilated area. And to make this possible, open all of the windows around the area you’re working in.

Work Outside in the Sun

The sun makes it hard for mold to multiply and spread all over the furniture. Therefore, it would make a lot of sense if you could get everything outside when you’re removing the mold. Clean upholstery thoroughly once you have everything outside. Working outside also ensures that you’re not in a confined space where you would be susceptible to allergic attacks.

Sweep the Affected Areas Only

Avoid sweeping all of the parts of the fabric furniture. Only work on the affected areas. Sweeping everywhere might spread the mold to places that didn’t even have it in the first place. And this spread can easily go unnoticed and get out of control – leading to furniture removal.

Clean the Upholstery Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Get the vacuum cleaner for this part of the mold removal. Use it to clean the fabric thoroughly. And once you’re done, empty its canister or dispose of the vacuum bag to prevent the mold spores from spreading back through the air or fabric.

Let it sit in the Sun for a While

Once you’re through with the mold removal and cleaning process, allow the piece of fabric or furniture to sit in the sun. This ensures that any remnant mold residues die from the heat of the sun. It also helps to get rid of the dumpy nature of fabric after cleaning with detergents and water.

And there you have it, voila, the fabric is now free of mold and ready to go back to the house.

Assess the Fabric Furniture before taking it back to the House

Once the piece of fabric has stayed in the sun enough, you’ll need to assess it first to ensure that it’s now fine to take back to the house. Check for smell and any remaining spots on the fabric. In case of any, use an alcohol solution, detergent, and water to clean the affected areas. You can also use vinegar in the place of alcohol. After doing this, allow it to try in the sun again before taking it inside the house.

When to Call an Upholstery Cleaning or Furniture Removal Company

When you have tried every cleaning method on the fabric furniture and nothing seems to be working, you can change the tactics a little bit. In this case, contact a reliable upholstery cleaning or furniture removal company to help. The former will come with advanced tools to help remove the potent or persistent mold from the fabric. As for the furniture removal experts, they’ll come when the fabric furniture can’t be cleaned at all. When the only option is furniture removal.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s possible to remove mold from fabric furniture through the methods we’ve shown you above. However, when things get out of control, then it would be wise to get help from a professional upholstery cleaning or furniture removal company.

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