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How To Play Bodhran Professionally?

As we all agree with the statement that we need professional assistance and guidance in every field of life. The same help and support we also need in learning how to play music professionally. There are several types of musical instruments we can see all over the world. every instrument has some sort of different tips to play professionally.

Here we will let you know about playing Bodhran professionally today. Most people do not have any idea about the Bodhran which is a famous musical instrument of Irish History. Bodhran is also considered as an ancient musical instrument which has placed its better position all the way. Bodhran is like a drum which use to change the environment of parties and occasions.

Irish people are also famous for their musical trend and they prefer to play the beat of the music on their occasions. However, the Bodhran drum has also become an integral part of Irish history and many famous musicians you can see in Irish history which have placed a good mark in the music line.

Bodhran is a round shape drum which has covered with a leather-based material that produces quality music for the listeners. It will be a challenging moment for you to play the bodhran drum like a pro. You have to get professional classes or you can get help from online video tutorials. It was believed that it was played for the first time in Africa.

Ancient people have described its origin related to African history as well. By using a stick that is also available with the bodhran to produce quality sound. If you ever visit Ireland, you will see people use to celebrate their occasions with the sweet beat of the bodhran drum and they also prefer to play their traditional musical instruments. Irish wedding is incomplete until they have a touch of their traditional musical instruments.

If you are also willing to play Bodhran like a pro, here we will guide you with some professional tips. These tips will help you out to set the instrument professionally.

Tips To Play Bodhran Professionally:

Before going into the deep discussion about playing bodhran professionally, here we will let you know the first few things that will help you out to get the Irish musical instruments with complete research.

  • Search out the professional Irish instrument seller around you
  • Check the quality of the instruments well
  • Confirm the price of the instrument first from the market
  • Bargain on the price
  • Check the size of the musical instrument as per your preference

All these points are valued for you to get the right type of musical instrument for personal use. Here we will describe to you the best solution to learn to play Irish bodhran as well.

1.Correct Position Of the Drum And You

It is the first and the most important thing which you need to manage like a pro. You need to set the bodhran in such a way in which bodhran can easily adjust on your lap. Make sure to hold it perfectly and you can easily play strokes with the help of tipper on it. In order words, we can say that hold it and lock it in 90 degrees on your lap that will provide you the perfect chance to play it professionally.

2.Holding The Tipper

Tipper is the most important tool or instrument part that also plays an important role in the whole situation. You need to hold the tipper with a loose grip and allow it to move on both sides freely. Tipper has also mentioned a knob point and hold it from there and start playing the beat you like.

3.Your First Basic Stroke

You need to start striking the bodhran with the head of the tipper. The best way to explain the point is that you need to point the end of the tipper towards your chin and the strike towards your wrist. Bring your stroke back in the motion and strike it in both ends to play the music.

4.Kerry Style Technique

It is the most common technique used to play the bodhran. In this technique, you need to hold the tipper in perpendicular shape head to the wrist rotate. Strike the drum forward and backward to get the beat out from the drum. You can also take this example that bodhran is like a clock and you need to strike the tipper in one end which is 3 and the other end is 9. Professional musicians use to rotate their arms in a different direction to play interesting music for the listeners.

5.Keep Practicing

The practice of playing bodhran is a compulsory element. If you are getting help from online video tutorials, you need to keep your lessons in practice. Moreover, you will get a strong grip on playing bodhran like a pro.


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