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How To Manage Your Jio Account Using My Jio App

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MyJio App – To Make Better Management Of Jio Account – App Review

From the latest News, Jio Crossed 300 Million unique users in India, which is a boom growth of any company in India. This has reached when there are huge competition in Indian smartphone networks. So many companies have shut down their services because of huge competition from the biggest companies in the field like BSNL from government sector and private companies like IDEA, Vodafone, Airtel, AirCell Etc. Companies like Uninor, Virgin etc has shut down their services within a short time after their launch. With better Jio account management accessibiity, Jio allows the end users to do what they want with Jio network. Today in this post, we review on My Jio App, using which the Jio SIM subscribers can manage Jio account very simple.


Jio Came to the Indian smartphone market when there are huge competition. But with proper planning, business strategies along with better service, Now Jio makes a good mark in Indian Mobile network. Now All other big brands are sweating to compete with Jio. Jio Uses USP (Unique Selling Point) business strategy to get their mark on in this high competition Field.


Jio gives best services along with their cheap in rate plans. They know it is the era of mobile application, so by developing and launching their bunches of very useful smartphone applications, customers get addicted to their services and apps. They even don’t make their apps in premium, but any of the customers can make use of their apps for free with their one month data pack.


Jio Apps – Exclusively For Jio Users

Not only for a particular category, but jio focused on providing apps from different categories that may a normal user wish to use.

For Entertainment Category: – JioTv, JioSaavn (Formerly JioMusic), JioCinema.


For Communication: – JioCall (Formerly Jio4GVoice), JioChat


Other Categories of Apps: – JioBrowser, JioSwitch (For File Sharing), JioNews, JioMoney (For payments), JioSecurity, JioCloud (For Cloud storage), Jio NetVelocity, JioHealthHub, AJIO etc.


But all these apps are optional to use, But here we write review on MyJio app, which is very useful for the Jio users and i can say that MyJio app is the multiple purpose app for Jio users where users can make use of it in many ways.


MyJio App – Your Assistant To Manage Jio Account


MyJio app is the fastest app that crossed millions of downloads from google play store along with JioTv app. MyJio plays a vital role in Jio account management. The users can do everything they needed to do with Jio. Almost all the facilities has integrated with MyJio app so that users with a little technical knowledge can make use of features and manage in an easy way.


First My Jio app download from PlayStore or from any other trusted source. MyJio crosses 100 Million + download from google playstore, and the count is approximate since there are other sources of downloads on the internet.

So let’s imagine how this app is helpful for the Jio users. Now Let’s look at how this app help Jio users to help in various ways.


For Online Recharge Of Jio Numbers: –  The days are gone where the customers visit retail shops to recharge mobile phone numbers as many online recharge apps are in the market. Just they need to install those apps and can recharge by using their bank debit card. Like that, the Jio users can select the best offer apt to them and can recharge using MyJio app. The Jio SIM card linked to the app, and can use the app to recharge any other Jio number via MyJio app.


The users can make use of coupon codes available on coupons section of the dashboard. Apply that coupon code while selecting the recharge offer and proceeding recharge. The customer will get Rs 50 reduction on recharge. So the users can save money while recharge via MyJio app. This may not available while recharge using any other app platforms like paytm, phonePe etc.


Check Available Balance:-  This feature has integrated with the home page of MyJio app to know the users how much data they consumed till the time of the day. So the users can have a control over their data balance. They can know when will expire their balance. They may not have any tension on voice calls, SMS etc since Jio allows unlimited on both the services.


Know Latest Updates: – Jio always try to give best services offers for their users. MyJio app have one slider in the homepage. And that slider have the latest offers, services etc that Jio announced recently. So the users can know their latest news and updates from there.


Quick Links to the Useful Resources & Care :- Jio values their users. They want to get quick response and solution if they are suffering from any issue related to their services. So in MyJio app interface, they integrated quick links and videos on how they can solve their issue. The links are article clinks, links to “how to” videos, instant chat support etc. Useful resource contains  recharge option page, best offers,store locator etc.


Get Latest Trending From Entertainment apps:- We know JioSaavn & JioCinema, the best entertainment app Jio have. MyJio notices the trending on the entertainment section and notifies via MyJio app.


Install & Update Other Jio Apps with One Click:- This section allows you to download and install the apps that you are not installed. Just tap the app, and install. If your installed apps are outdated, you can update too by this section. To make single click install and update Jio apps, first download My Jio App, there you can download and install, update with just a single tap on button.


Make use of menu Items to get more Features:-  Just go to the menu button, and there you get all their other services that you can have with MyJio application. Just tap the three horizontal lines that can see in the top left corner of the app.

You can find Jio store location near you, your recharge statements, You can order another Jio SIM card and some other settings.

Recent Update On My Jio App

We know Jio always update their apps for better serving to their users. In recent, 2019 august, My Jio app updated with the integration of Jio saarthi. By integrating this feature, Jio users can recharge their number with the help of a digital assistant. So the users without any technical knowledge can recharge Via My Jio app without visiting a retail shop.


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