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How to Increase the Value of Your Home in 2021?

The general consensus is that 2020 is one year that everyone would want to forget, thanks to a COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged economies around the world in ways never seen before.

This translates to a lot of people in 2021 who will be unable to meet their mortgage obligations or will be in dire need of money to the point where they’ll be putting their houses up for sale. If this is a situation you find yourself in right now, then the following are some of the things you can do to increase the value significantly.


Anything that seems out of place should be renovated on the spot. Start by giving the walls a new coat of paint as that is the first thing that will be of interest to the potential buyer. A new coat of paint will hide a lot of minor flaws that would otherwise be used as an excuse by the buyer to try to bring the price down.

This should be followed by replacing doors and windows where necessary. Optics are important in this aspect and you should take full advantage of them.

Adding a Pond/Pool

The best way of adding value to your property is by accessorizing it, so to speak. This is where you add structures that didn’t exist, things like extending a wing of the house, adding an attic, a pool, or the best one, a pond. Ponds are very good for landscaping and having one on your property not only adds beauty to space, but it increases the final price of the property if you ever wish to sell it.

Setting up a pond may cost you something extra as you’ll also need to set up a filtration system using ceramic rings for pond, if among other equipment. All that will come in good in the long run as you can use the pond to negotiate the price of the property as high as you can.

Upgrading the Kitchen

A kitchen is a place of interest for any buyer, if you want to sell a house for as much as you can, concentrate your efforts on transforming the kitchen as much as you can as that will be your biggest selling point. Change the flooring and buy new cookers, paint the walls and the cabinets and even add some plants for that added touch.

Resisting a beautifully designed kitchen would be hard for anyone, especially if the potential buyer is a huge family. The best piece of news is that renovating the kitchen to the best you cannot cost you much. You may end up spending about $4,000, but in the end, that kitchen alone can bump the price up a whopping 5.5%, which is a very good return.

Trim the Hedges

First impressions are everything, and once the property starts looking sharp right from the main entrance, the easier it will be for you to stick to your projected price. A well-trimmed hedge with flowers neatly planted around the compound with a touch of water fountains are things that are hard to bargain against, the buyer will not have much leverage to hold on to, and you can use that alone to deliver the killer blow.

Therefore, take your time manicuring your compound, not just for the beauty, but in anticipation of future sales; you’ll be amazed at the profits you can accrue from simple gardening and landscaping.

Upgrading the Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning and heating systems are deal-breakers; you simply can’t find a buyer if those two things are missing as they are the first things they will ask about.

When you consider how cold winters can get and how hot summers can be at times, it is hard to imagine someone spending a lot of money on your property if they lack heating and air conditioning, unless you are ready to significantly reduce the selling price. Before putting your house for sale, ensure you replace the heating system and the AC with the best models you can get and use that as leverage in increasing the final selling price.

Renovate the Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next place that generates a lot of scrutinies, and to counter that, you may have to go all out and spend to impress. Start by changing the flooring to something striking; if you can get your hands on an alluring set of tiles that look exotic, then you can use that to spin anything you want to get the right price for the house.

The bathtub will also need to be replaced with something shiny and brand new. The windows and the drapes, the wardrobes will also need a total revamp. Exercise caution with the spending on bathroom renovations; don’t end up buying something too expensive that will give away the game. You can imagine having a 5-star bathroom in a 3-star house.


Selling a house is not easy, and you may find yourself stuck with a listing for years before you even get a single inquiry. You may have to hire the services of a good real estate agent to make things much easier for yourself.

Fortunately for you, there are countless sites that allow people to post listings for free, so at least you’ve got covered on that end.


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