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How to Improve Online Lead Generation with OKRs

The objectives and key results (OKRs) strategy has shown prominence in performance management and contributed to company growth and success. The approach has also helped companies exceed their territories and acquire new markets and customers.

Specifically, the marketing teams focus on enhancing lead generation through various platforms common with possible clients. The numerous social media platforms provide a perfect ground to create leads and possibly acquire new clients.

The online leads created by the marketing teams also improve site traffic. Therefore, they incorporate OKRs as their guide to determine the progress in the online lead generation process.

What are OKRs?

The framework is a leadership process where you set goals through enhanced communication and goal and progress monitoring quarterly. The framework has proved effective, especially for tech companies such as Amazon, Google, and Walmart.

Through the framework, you connect your company, departments, teams and individual employees towards common measurable objectives. This way, all stakeholders work in a unified direction and collaborate to make the end meet.

An objective is a qualitative description of all the goals that you want to achieve. Having measurable objectives will play a significant role in monitoring all your goals. Ensure that the objectives you establish are short and straightforward to be clear to every employee in your company. A long and detailed objective will only distract your workforce.

Key results are elements you use to measure the progress you have made towards achieving your goals. In most cases, key results involve numbers that easily show how far you are from achieving your goal.

So if your goal is to record an increase in social media followers, you need to compare the previous number of followers with the current one and determine whether you are improving and by what percentage.

OKR Examples You Can Use As A Guide

You need to set realistic and achievable goals for your business to be successful. So, ensure that the goals you set are viable for all the employees and are achievable.

For instance, your OKRs should start with: I will (Objective) as measured by (3 key results).


  • I will generate more online leads.

Key Results

  • Enhance the clickthrough rates by 25% by 3 months.
  • Increase followers by 50 % within 6 months.
  • Increase friend requests by 75% within two months.

These OKR examples demonstrate an objective with three key results that can be used to measure the progress at a given time.

Metrics in Online Lead Generation

Your lead generation will be determined by:

  • The number of followers you have on social media. Increasing your followers could impact your business success as it determines website traffic and brand presence.
  • The ratio to deal conversion that shows whether you are generating qualified leads for your business.
  • The rate or number of signups on your company’s website.

OKRs strategy enhances online lead generation as you set measurable and realistic goals. Besides, the ambitious key results keep you motivated to achieve the best. Ensure you follow the basic steps in implementing the framework to yield the best results in your online marketing.

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