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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches For The Home Is Always Healthy

In addition to disgust, the presence of cockroaches at home can actually bring danger to health. This small brown animal can produce allergens that can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma, especially in children. Therefore, recognize how to expel cockroaches at home, so that families avoid it. You can use roach bait because roach baits are highly effective in providing long term control.

Not only does it cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma, but cockroaches can also carry microbes and bacteria on their body surfaces, including Salmonella and E. Coli. Getting rid of cockroaches in just one night is not impossible. If you can find a hiding place and the cause of his arrival to your home, then eradicate cockroaches in one night is not that difficult. Therefore, do not underestimate its existence which is dangerous for the health of the family, by finding out how to expel the cockroach below.

Maintain and clean up food scraps

Foods that are not protected by a serving hood are easy targets for cockroaches. The delicious aroma of food or leftovers can invite cockroaches to come. Therefore, take care of food with a serving hood, or store it safely in the refrigerator.

In addition, dispose of the remaining food regularly in a plastic bag, then tightly tie the plastic bag. In this way, cockroaches will disappear by themselves because there is no food that can be “invaded”.

Cleaning the house of unused items

Cockroaches are animals that are good at survival. Without food, animals can spread paper, glue, or dust. Therefore, make sure the house is clean of goods that are not used (such as magazines that have not been read) so that cockroaches are no longer comfortable at home.

How to get rid of cockroaches is worth a try, while cleaning your house.

Clean puddles

Cockroaches will not hesitate to come to a house that has a lot of puddles and damp places. Therefore, you are advised to frequently clean puddles or repair leaks in pipes at home (which can cause humidity).

Close the cockroach “entrance gate”

If your house has corners that are unreachable, clean it immediately and look for small holes that are often the “entry gate” of cockroaches. Usually, cockroaches can enter the house through small holes, such as those in the wall or door.

Make a trap with baking soda

When you smell a sweet aroma, cockroaches will come and will devour the sweet-scented food. This can be your chance to mix the sweet food with baking soda, which is effective in killing cockroaches.

Just mix baking soda with sweet foods like honey or sugar, with a percentage of 50% baking soda and 50% sweet food. Leave it in a place that is visited by cockroaches.

Using a mixture of borax and sweet foods

The theory is still the same as how to get rid of cockroaches before, which is mixing sweet food with something poisonous to cockroaches. This time there is borax, which can kill cockroaches faster than baking soda. Make sure this deadly bait is out of the reach of small children or pets.

Spray essential oils

Essential oils or essential oils are used to calm the mind with that fragrant aroma. For cockroaches, essential oils such as tea tree, citronella, or peppermint are very disturbing. Just spray the essential oil directly on the cockroach or around the “playground” at home.

Using the services of pest control

If some of the methods of getting rid of cockroaches above are not effective, maybe it’s time you hire the services of a pest exterminator. With advanced technology and cockroach removal materials, they can easily find out where the cockroaches are hiding and eliminate them from your home.

Set sticky traps

Just like mice, cockroaches can also be exposed to sticky traps. First of all, put this sticky trap in every corner of the house, so that later you can know the origin of the arrival of cockroaches. But be careful not to let your child or pet get caught by this sticky trap.

Spray clothes lubricant

Before ironing, the clothes will usually be sprayed with clothes lubricants. Apparently, this scented spray can be used as a way to overcome cockroaches. When you see a cockroach roaming on the floor or behind a closet, just spray the clothes lubricant towards him. Before spraying, make sure you have mixed the clothes lubricant with water, then put it in the sprayer.

Cockroaches are very active at night, when you and your family are having a sweet dream. No wonder you find it difficult to find their whereabouts. Therefore, you must understand some of the signs of cockroaches below, so you know the existence of the little creature at home.


Usually, cockroaches will leave traces when they surround your house. These traces can resemble coffee grounds or pepper.

The body of a dead cockroach

The existence of a cockroach body lying without a life can also be a sign that your house has been “colonized” by a cockroach.

Bad odor

The unpleasant smell can be smelled if the cockroach has entered the house. Especially in places like kitchens or bathrooms.

Cockroaches can easily come in and out of the floor, walls, or other parts of the house with holes or openings. Openings in windows or doors also make it easy for cockroaches to get in and out quickly.

A large number of cockroaches in the house are frustrating because the house seems dirty and unhealthy. Therefore, the last and most effective way to eradicate cockroaches is to ensure that all access in and out of them is closed and tightly locked. You can do this by adding insect repellent wire, repairing holes or cracked parts, and making sure that every corner of the house does not provide a gap for cockroaches. You can use roach bait because roach baits are highly effective in providing long term control.

Houses that are dirty and even give off bad odors can be a cause of cockroaches coming into the house. So, don’t be lazy to clean the house. Perform routine cleaning, such as sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the cabinet, shelves, tables, cabinets, and other furniture. Poor ventilation can cause the house to become damp. This can make the temperature in the house tend to be warm. This condition can make a cockroach come and make it a place to breed. In addition, a poor ventilation system is not good for breathing.

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