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How to educate children through games

We have been talking about the difference in gamification education. How to educate children through games? Generally speaking, the purpose of game education needs to be combined with educational design. Only through a complete educational design can the game be given a real educational meaning and be entertaining. If we deviate from our original educational goal, there will be no way to talk about gamification education. There is a perfect blend of education and games in lido learning to avoid this situation.

Combining the teaching experience of several years of editing and learning by playing, we have summed up the four major advantages of gamification education, they are fun, contextual, mechanism, and interactive :

Fun teaching

One of the most obvious characteristics of the game is that it is interesting and attractive.

This kind of interesting attraction can trigger the flow experience of students. We introduced learning game programming mechanism, improve teaching interesting teaching to help children have a flow experience in school, we compiled Play and Learn by Scratch graphics programming, Python code programming, teaching children to make fun of the game, will Interactive teaching, discussion, and Q&A are integrated into the game, so that every child can experience the fun of games and learning at the same time. This is one of the reasons why we are unanimously recognized by parents and students.

Remember the well-known Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds games? This is a small programming game made by our scratch students using cloning and complex and changeable code logic. It is not a problem that children love to play games. We can guide children to make their favorite games, and let the fun of the game as a starting point to attract children. To learn the knowledge behind the game.

Situational experience

Situational can also be said to be immersive. It is through implanting programming learning based on real game scenes.

In a real game environment, if you want to realize the interaction and attack between the characters, the learner must input code instructions to achieve it. In this process, as the tasks become more and more complex, the programming that learners need to learn will also become more and more complex. However, the gamified teaching mode weakens the negative emotions brought about by complex programs, so that children can fully enjoy the learning process.

We compiled play-by-learning combined with the popular Minecraft, and created special courses and games on journeys to different worlds, allowing children to create their different worlds through scratch code. This is how we teach children how to use scratch to quickly build and create various lives and buildings in the MC game. The course learning brings the scene of the MC game, which is unanimously recognized by the children.

Interaction and feedback

The vitality of the game lies in its strong interaction. At lido classes, we have always advocated giving students timely feedback. For example, we often see attack feedback, winning rate feedback, growth feedback, etc. in the game. Combining the specific knowledge design of education and teaching can produce very good learning results.

In Exeter College, one of the best high schools in the United States, students, and teachers sit on the same oval wooden table in the classroom. The students read, think, discuss, and comprehend that the teacher is watching and asking questions at appropriate times to guide students to continue discussing and thinking. This method has strong support from psychology and pedagogy research. Studies have shown that proactively processing information to seek deeper meaning can significantly improve memory. In the field of education, more than 900 studies have proved that cooperation between students is more effective than competitive and individual efforts and can achieve higher personal achievements.

Perhaps many parents will have questions about whether their children can pass the exam in this way of teaching? Most of the children from Sergey Valley have entered very good universities, and more than half of them have entered Ivy League schools. The alumni who graduated from Sergu School once commented on their alma mater: It was the best time of their lives. At that time, their lives were very fulfilling. From the beginning of school, they were busy with various things and accomplishing various tasks. The tasks of various associations; at the same time, each member has different responsibilities in the group, and everyone is working hard to challenge the most difficult things for them. Such a sense of exploration and pursuit is lacking in traditional education.

The first goal of the teacher is to achieve effective teaching. That is, to make it easy for students to understand the concepts, and one of the methods used today is game-based learning. IT is an integral part of modern society which bases its progress on the knowledge which is one of the goals of education.

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