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How To Create Local SEO Strategies For Multiple Location

Implementing local SEO is undoubtedly an excellent strategy to target the audience more precisely, hike up your viewership, and enhance brand visibility. But if you have multiple locations, then sketching out such strategies without proper thought and planning can bring negative consequences.

Keeping your different locations in mind and creating and optimising web content accordingly is crucial for any local SEO campaign to work out successfully. Hiring an SEO expert or SEO agency in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc., is the best way to start if you lack knowledge on the subject.

This article tells how to create local SEO strategies to suit your multiple locations’ requirements and enhance your ranking.

The Golden Rule: One Page, One Purpose

Abiding by this core-rule is the first step everyone needs to take. It states that each page should have only one purpose, and the more goals you assign to it, the more complex your website becomes, confusing the search engine and dropping your ranking.

When you hire an SEO company in Bangalore, Delhi, etc., working with them will enlighten you on how necessary it is to dedicate an entire page to each of your locations. Having landing pages for all of them can make it easier for the search engine to show results relevant to the searches attempted.

Optimising The Location-Pages Uniquely

Once you have different webpages for all your store locations, the next step is to optimise and enhance those pages’ uniqueness and make them distinct from each other. Simply changing the location name whilst keeping the entire content the same for all pages won’t suffice. You need to add descriptive content specific to the location besides its name, address and phone number. It can be in the form of:

Written navigation aid: where and how to get to your business

Any particular events being hosted in the neighbourhood of your store

Current images of the location

An embedded Google Map widget of your location

Moving forward, here are some other things you could work on:

The meta-descriptions and tags of all the location-pages

Adding the location name in the title of the web page

Adding alt text to images

Reducing load-times

Working On The URL Structure

Correctly structuring the URL of your web pages is equally important so that they are easily understandable and make sense to the search engine and your viewers. For example:

Making the content or the framework of your webpage unnecessarily complicated will only get your page a lower ranking. Therefore, your page must be user and search engine friendly.

Multiple Google ‘My Business’ Accounts For Multiple Locations

Whether you hire an SEO company in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world, one of the essential strategies they may suggest for your business would be to create a Google ‘My Business’ account. By doing so, you can list your commerce on Google Maps and create a profile to show up in the search results, making it easier for the user to contact you.

The same goes for when you have stores in multiple locations. If you have three centres in the same city, then creating Google My Business accounts for all three is the best way to hit the jackpot.

Citing Quality Links

Trusted and quality links can incredibly boost your performance on the search results page since the engine now sees your business as a reliable and reputed one. Citations and link building play a vital role in the SEO of your web pages. Hence, it’s essential to list your business across all the major networks like Facebook, Bing, Mantra, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, etc.

Moreover, when working with local SEO, it is better to hire local agencies since they understand the target audience better. For example, if your store is situated in Bangalore, hiring an SEO company in Bangalore will be the ideal choice.


Besides all the major strategies listed above, managing reviews is also a task; when executed right, it can bring loads of viewership for your products and services SEO agency in Mumbai. In a nutshell, what matters most is that you give separate identities and spotlight to all your business locations, optimise their pages with uniqueness and make them robust through quality link building and URL structure.

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