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How to Choose Best AC for Your Bedroom

Hailing summer as burning is putting it mildly. The sweltering summer temperatures have made air-conditioners a thing of need as opposed to a thing of luxury. Its cools refreshing breeze is just about a lifeline. As per Energy Star, around 13 percent of an average family unit service bill is spent on cooling.

Along these, it takes no advanced science to comprehend why the market brags a few brands of air conditioners as well as their endless models also. As per estimates, you have to pick the best fit from more than 2000 models accessible in the market! 

This can demonstrate overwhelming for any layman. Nonetheless, try to take out all confusion and assist you with following the entire procedure to choose and nail the absolute best air-conditioner to accommodate your bedroom. Go through it.

  • Room Size and AC Capacity

While deciding on the kind of best AC, the room size and required AC tonnage limit is a significant factor to consider. This is both essential and tricky as a curiously large air conditioner can cool your room rapidly however give you high electricity bills, while modest would render high energy charges as well as demonstrate inefficient in cooling the room suitably. 

The limit of the AC is chosen by considering the square foot area of the room. The air conditioner size and limit are evaluated in tonnage. 

Aside from the room size, a few different factors additionally creep in to figure the perfect AC limit and size. Few factors are given underneath. Any of these variables would require you to include an additional 30 percent of the complete square region of the space to show up at the square feet region you have to consider while deciding on the air conditioner limit and size. 

  • The ceiling height of your bedroom is more than 9.5 sq. ft. 
  • The room has different and enormous windows crossing more than 25 sq. ft. region. Numerous windows filter more daylight and heat in the room making it hotter than expected. 
  • The room or level is found anyplace from the third floor to the terrace. 
  • The typical summer temperature of the room is around 40 degrees Celsius or more. 
  • The mounted AC compressor is confronting west or south for example towards sun direction. 
  • Daylight falls directly on the room walls.
  • Condenser Coil
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These assume a significant role in the cooling velocity of the AC by changing over the gas refrigerant to fluid refrigerant and the other way around. They are generally made of either aluminum or copper. 

AC’s with the aluminum coil is less expensive and progressively practical yet one ought to decide on copper coils as they help cool quicker because of their high heat move rate. They are likewise less destructive and have a high coil quality. These days, the greater part of the Air conditioners use copper condenser coils.

  • Anti Bacterial Filter

An inbuilt feature, it enables evacuate all imperceptible unsafe allergens, to clean bugs, dust, bacteria, and so forth from the space for all the more refreshing air in the room. All the while, they likewise prevent any dust deposit on the inward pieces of the AC and in this way increment their toughness. 

  • Dust Filter

Made of work, these filters let the dust particles stick on them and keep them from evaporating at home. Depending upon use, they should be cleaned occasionally with plain water for ideal execution.

  • Brand Value and Budget

You have to investigate the brand value and budget accessible to purchase the best air conditioner for bedroom. You have to adjust and get the best features to such an extent that you can appreciate all the ideal performance within your budget.

  • Maintenance

Daily cleaning and maintenance of an air conditioner is an unquestionable requirement as it directly affects AC’s life expectancy and performance. It is ideal to choose air conditioners that give you free support one year and lucrative agreements for the ensuing year as an air conditioner properly cleaned at least 3-4 times each year.

In this way, these are the main factors to deal with while purchasing an air conditioner for your bedroom. You have to check it to pick one best fitting your needs.

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