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How To Buy The Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Have you noticed how cordless mowers uniquely blend the qualities of both gas-powered and electric mowers? First, they are flexible and easy to move the garden tool, just like gas mowers. Meanwhile, they are similar to corded mowers in that they do not produce annoying noises.

Despite all these qualities, you need to be familiar with how the cordless mower works and many other things to know the right machine to choose for your lawn. Thankfully, this article has been written for this exact reason. So, keep reading to know more.

How Do Cordless Electric Mowers Function?

One vital feature of cordless lawn mowers is that a rechargeable battery powers them. This means that it is the battery that supplies power to rotate the cutting blade. They also push the front or rear wheels in self-propelled models. It is for this reason that they are often called rechargeable or battery-powered mowers. You can check GardenGrower for the best battery operated mowers reviews.

Sizes and Capabilities of Cordless Lawn Mowers

A Cordless electric lawn mower can either have 12, 24 or 36-volt battery packs. Some emerging models have up to 40-volt batteries. Note that the delivery of the mower in terms of power has much to do with factors like mower design and grass conditions. However, generally, the higher the battery’s volt, the higher the mower’s capacity and the longer it’s run time. For example, a 12-volt battery will run for 30 – 45 minutes, a 24-volt battery will run for 45- 75 minutes, while a 36-volt battery will run for 90 minutes.

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Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Vs. Other Types of Lawn Mowers

Cordless mowers offer all the perks of a corded mower and more. Here are a few of them:

  • Corded mowers are environment-friendly and are easy to operate
  • As far as they are correctly charged this mower type will deliver without too much maintenance.
  • Though they may not be as powerful as gas mowers, they can still cut grasses that are long and lush.
  • They can be used on a vast expanse because a cord does not limit them, a cord does not limit them unlike their corded counterpart.

As a disadvantage, cordless electric mowers can only function for a maximum of two hours. Meanwhile, they need up to 12 hours to recharge. Besides, they are more expensive and heavier than corded electric mowers.

Want to Buy a Cordless Mower? Look for These Features:


A mower’s battery is its core. As such, it is the most important thing to look out for when buying a cordless mower. There are NiCad, lead, and Lithium-Ion batteries. Avoid NiCad batteries because they don’t last as long as the others.

Also, while some batteries are removable, others are fixed permanently in the machine. Here, it is best to choose one based on your discretion. However, those who own this type of mower often keep an extra battery so they can use it for backup when the one in the machine runs down.

Grass Discharge

Another thing to consider is how the machine discharges grass. Some models may require you to purchase mulching inserts or side discharge chutes separately. This means extra cost. Also, note that mulching drains power faster than bagging

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Considering the weightiness of cordless electric mowers, it may be better to purchase the self-propelled models. They often come with one or more drive speeds and some can even change their speed automatically.

Power Indicator

You need the power indicator to alert you to the charge level of the mower’s battery.

Cutting Height Adjustment

When it comes to cordless mowers, adjusting cutting heights, setting handle angles suitable for the device’s operator is important.


Some models have handles that can be folded for storage purposes. Don’t forget that these machines are quite heavy and may require extra strength to manage.

A Cordless Electric Mower is Suitable for Those Who:

  • Own a small or median size yard
  • Don’t have hills to mow
  • Need to now around shrubs and trees
  • Need a quite mower
  • Looking to avoid cords and gas
  • Have a lot of strength
  • Require something low maintenance
  • Don’t let your grass grow high before cutting
  • Don’t have very lush grass

Conclusion Granted, cordless electric lawn mowers do have some disadvantages. However, their advantages far outweigh the cons. Therefore, if you have the budget and are sure you meet the criteria for owning a cordless mower, then you’ll be satisfied with what a cordless mower will do for your lawn.

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