How To Apply For A Quick Loan From Akulaku?

Akulaku has been so famous and is getting a lot of attention from people recently. If you have already heard what Akulaku does with the credit limit you may skip the introductions and head straight to the next heading. But for those of you who are new to peer-to-peer lending schemes, Akulaku is an E-Commerce platform which will offer you with services such as cardless installment shopping or cash loans or even bill payments. You can even top offer installments and travel leisure packages as installments.

Akulaku Finance Indonesia is one of the largest financing companies in all of Southeast Asia with operation bases in different places such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well. It has more than 10 million downloads on Google play store and Akulaku is one of the top 5 shopping apps with more features than just shopping. This is a one-time application that provides you with a credit limit of 25000, which, as we mentioned earlier, can be used to avail services and items in the app. Using the credit limit you can shop online with installments. Or you can get a cash loan and pay bills without a credit card.

The quick cash loans that Akulaku provides online!

If you’re here, it means that you already know that Akulaku is all about online installment shopping. But you might also want to know that a Pinoy loan is the only possible solution during very rough financial situations. By earning a certain credit limit, you can access more features than just installment shopping on Akulaku. You can also avail quick cash loans for any of your needs. 

How to claim a cash loan from Akulaku?

The first thing that you have to do is set up an account with Akulaku and credit limit and if you haven’t had the chance to register you should do it first and follow the steps given below to claim the cash loan.

  1. Install the Akulaku app

You will require a mobile phone to install the app from play store or even app store as in regard to Android or iOS whichever mobile device that you acquire.

  1. Register the account

To register you have to open up the app then select create an account. Then an online registration form will pop up and you will have to fill it entering all the credentials including your mobile number and a password which is custom set by you.

  1. Apply for the credit limit to submit the application 

Once the registration is complete you should start applying for the credit limit. To apply you will have to go to credit and then click apply now. the application form must be filled in with personal information as well. Then submit with the follow-up documents such as a copy of 3 written signatures and a photo of the government-issued ID with a selfie of your government ID. A few of the valid government ideas are listed below

SSS, driver’s license, voters ID, digitized postal ID, and police clearance ID.

  1. Process the verification call which you will receive.

Within 48 hours you will recurrence a phone call for verification purposes and then once you have been approved of your application you will be allowed to apply for the Akulaku cash loan.

  1. Apply for the cash loan

To start the application, you should go to the service tab then click the cash loan section. Next, you’ll have to select the loan amount that you need and the term as in the duration then go ahead and click next.

Select the receive Bank option to select the bank and then input the account number in which you would like to receive the loan. The name by which you have been registered must be input into the bank account as the receiver. It is to be noted that you must acquire a bank account under your name to receive the cash loan.

The total amount that can be loaned

If you are claiming a loan for the first time in a cash loan of 2500p can only be claimed. The cash loan must be used and paid on time to increase the cash loan amount so that when you need to borrow extra cash next time, the limit can be extended to around 5000p.

Cash distribution

Once you have successfully been approved of the cash loan application the money will be transferred to the account under your name in your bank. The distribution time can take as long as 24 hours but the applications during weekdays and holidays will be credited on the next working Bank day.


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