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How does ITIL Certification Help in Career?

Before understanding how can ITIL help in career growth, it is crucial to understand what is ITIL and what are its uses in today’s world. ITIL is basically a set of practices which is applied by the IT service management. The ITIL practitioners are guided through it to arrange the client needs in line with the IT services.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) has now been proposed as a standard in the IT service industry. It has raised the quality of IT management services making them more economical and efficient.

5 levels of ITIL certification

The tailor made ITIL framework approach is brought to perfection with a series of qualifications. ITIL certification has been created with tiered structure this gives flexibility as it is a multi-dimensions framework and comprises of various disciplines.

This structure favors the candidates as they can easily focus on the interest areas which they prefer over others. These levels have been classified under 5 levels.

Foundation level

As the name of this level suggests, it gives you an understanding of the grass root level about ITIL framework. It introduces you to the variety of elements, concepts and terms associated with ITIL framework. You will be better capable of making decisions which concern the customer requirements.

Especially the ITIL service life-cycle and ITIL service management will prove to be of better use in this decision-making process. It prepares you for competitive challenges and implementation of ITIL principles.

Practitioner level

Meeting the business objectives has become one of the top priorities of organizations today. The practitioner level of ITIL certification will improve the adaptability of IT service management system. You will learn how to adopt it into your practices.

9 ITIL principles guide you to carry out continual service improvement (CSI). It brings a touch of real-world context and improves you CSI with best quality benchmarks.

Intermediate level

The above-mentioned levels were more of a general pattern. This intermediate level takes the form of a modular structure. Each module deals with a certain ITSM area.

Now, it will be your choice to pick those modules which fulfill your requirement according to your role in project team. These intermediate qualifications are classified into Service Life-cycle and Service Capability.

Expert level

This level will be the most attractive one you read about today. It gives you an upper hand in both professional as well as personal spheres of life, bringing in better growth prospects.

It gives you a knowledge which is balanced and allows you to demonstrate this balance across full ITIL service life cycle.

Master level

This is the topmost level of knowledge under ITIL course. It allows you to have the desired knowledge at multiple levels. It enables you to apply ITIL principles and methods to bring out the desired outcomes.

Reasons to pursue ITIL certification.

  • There are a variety of benefits associated with ITIL certification. These benefits will give you a hint of how ITIL helps you in your career growth.
  • It prepares you to employ your skills under ITIL framework.
  • It helps you in contribution to the service improvement.
  • It gives you an opportunity to improve IT service management.
  • You would be able to solve complex problems with solutions of efficient nature.
  • You will be able to assess the challenges in a better way and learn from successes and failures.
  • Innovative concepts could be introduced easily to improve the services rendered to the clients.
  • Projects costs and risks could be managed better.

Job opportunities for ITIL practitioner

Most IT professionals are concerned about the salary hike and career boost after completing a globally accepted certification. They look for value addition in their career. If they take the path of career planning from certifications then it becomes a must. Picking up ITIL certification is the best choice if you wish to gather the best of knowledge and move up the success ladder.

Along with the IT sector, ITIL certifications opens the avenues of service management too. It brings up job prospects in industries like health care and higher education. Almost all the leading brands in the world have already accepted ITIL and you can boost up your career through grabbing this opportunity. You can target jobs like service delivery analyst, technical support, or help desk engineer to flourish in your career. You can surely receive a salary boost and promotions through ITIL certification.

Some other factors

Until now you must have got a hint of why an ITIL certification is good for maximizing your income potential and career? Firstly, it has become one of the best practice methodologies. It helps you to optimize service at a daily as well as long term level. Secondly, ITIL has resulted in scalable benefits across sectors. This implies that the skills you acquire through ITIL certification take you a long way in your career opportunity. These skills will be applicable at various places and allows you to take up the job you wish.

Let us see some of the career pats that you can choose, if you decide to go for ITIL certification.

Information technology project manager

Under this job profile you will be required to co-ordinate between the staff of various departments and fulfil the long-term objectives with their help and successful project completion. After an ITIL qualification, IT project managers are expected to deal in a project from inception to completion.

They will have to deal with strategies, business goals, implementations and improvements, all at once. A salary of around 70- 80K can be expected.

Information technology manager

Under this job title you will be required to manage the IT infrastructure of your company, software plans as well as IT security. Procedures for IT management and their daily implementation will be your task. Generally, information technology managers are also required to handle the efficient online communication channels.

Project management skills will be required in them as they are many a times responsible for hiring, training and supervising IT employees. Salary would range from 50-80K. They even have to find strategies in accordance with the service demand and research new updates.

You can take up the job of a service delivery manager who has to create strategies which align with the needs of customers as well as stakeholders. Service productivity and efficiency is reported by them. Other job profiles you can apply for include senior project manager and information technology director.

These jobs can really be a great deal as they offer salary more than a lakh and promise actual career growth. Therefore, ITIL is an apt certification to enhance the candidate’s IT knowledge and communication skills. This course is a worthwhile investment as it allows you to have career and personal growth with high potential earnings.

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