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How Do I Buy Dogecoin?

As of 2022, about 1 out of 5 American adults have used some form of cryptocurrency. Many
crypto investors hoping to hit it big have shown interest in Dogecoin.
You might wonder, “how do I buy dogecoin?” if you’re looking for a Bitcoin alternative. There
are several options for buying Dogecoin depending on your preferences.
The following Dogecoin guide will explain how to get ahold of the popular cryptocurrency, what
it is, and how it started. Read on and discover everything you need to know about the world’s
most well-known meme coin.

What Is Dogecoin?
Dogecoin has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a meme coin. Over the years it
has rapidly become a very useful currency to use on the internet.
For example, it enables easy tipping on various social media platforms because of its high supply
and low cost. Dogecoin also operates as a payment option for different goods and services and its
acceptance is ever-growing.

It has a lot in common with other altcoins and uses a proof-of-work method just like BTC.
Dogecoin originally forked from Luckycoin (now defunct), which forked from Litecoin, and so
the two coins have many parallels.

How Do I Buy Dogecoin?
Figuring out where to buy Dogecoin can be confusing if you’re new to the crypto world. The
most common way to buy the coin is through a crypto exchange such as Coinbase, eToro, or
Apps such as Robinhood also allow you to purchase Dogecoin and it offers a simple interface for
beginners. More experienced traders might use a hardware USB wallet like Ledger to buy their
No matter what platform you decide to use, you’ll search for the ticker “DOGE” to find what
you’re looking for. Compare the fees for different platforms so that you save the most money
when making your trades.

Advantages of Dogecoin
Bitcoin might currently rule the crypto world but Dogecoin does offer several unique advantages.
For starters, it’s much faster and more straightforward for crypto miners to finish mathematical
The equations are what complete and document transactions so the payment process with
Dogecoin tends to be more efficient than BTC. It also has a huge community that continues to
grow and boasts a top 10 market cap for cryptocurrencies.
It’s true that Dogecoin has a history of volatility and the price swings up and down quite often.
However, volatility might work in your favor if you intend to day trade DOGE and make quick
daily gains.
Dogecoin can also get traded on decentralized exchanges which makes it compatible with the
decentralized finance movement. It doesn’t interact with smart contracts directly, but DOGE can
get & “wrapped” with contracts instead.

Ready to Buy Dogecoin?
Now you can stop wondering, “how do I buy Dogecoin exactly?” and start enjoying its many
benefits. Remember, its price fluctuates fast so time your buys wisely and understand the risks
Check out our cryptocurrency section for more useful Dogecoin tips and other valuable


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