Here’s Why Voice2v Is the Best Audio Converter You Will Ever Come Across

Ever since YouTube hit the mainstream and internet speeds staggeringly increased, people have started to develop a tenacious preference for video content.

And it does make perfect sense, precisely because it’s the medium that demands the least cognitive load as opposed to reading or listening.

Businesses are flourishing by utilizing video marketing as a core product hack strategy. If you’re a video editor or had the need to edit a video at some point, you know how tedious it is to switch between different formats – more precisely, among audio, video, image, and texts.

Voice2v is an interesting tool for such purposes. It holds a revolution within itself and is a gold mine for content creators. Instead of relying on templates on video editing tools, you can directly enter your text, background image, and audio files to create videos with captions.

Video marketing is an expensive strategy but highly effective. It will be a blunder if you fail to utilize it, as previously mentioned, people prefer video content, unlike any other.

If you’re starting out with video production and just have a nominal fund, then it is a good idea to use a text to video converter like Voice2v – which can help in conveying the message effectively and engagingly, unlike bland blocks of monotonous texts.

Voice2v is also ideal for content marketers who continually repurpose blog posts into videos. All you have to do is input texts to the editor, choose a background color from the default list or upload one, and you are good to go. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Convert Text to Video.
  3. Choose the font type, size, alignment, and other attributes of the text to be displayed.
  4. Choose an effect of your choice.
  5. For background, upload an image of your choice or choose a color.
  6. Once you press the next button, you’ll also have the option to upload an audio file and a logo.
  7. Once you’re done, click on the Create The Video Now button.

For content creators, Voice2v offers numerous other features. You can trim audio or video, which is highly recommended if you’re in a hurry. You just have to upload the video or audio and define the new starting and ending of the file.

Unlike its contemporaries, Voice2v doesn’t mandate you to download and install the software – although it has a PC version. Also, unlike some online tools that bombard you with third-party ads, Voice2v offers a clean interface.

Notable Advantages of Voice2V

  1. Offers multiple multimedia tools.
  2. A reasonable number of templates available.
  3. You can download and install its free version on your PC.
  4. An intuitive user interface – primed for usability.
  5. You can sign up for free.

Montages and voice-overs are common techniques used in filmmaking. It helps to creatively narrate the passage of time and events, without boring the audience and not missing out on any details.

Although many of the video editing tools available let you create montages and voice-over segments with ease, the non-technical crowd or individuals who don’t have access to such expensive tools will have a hard time making them.

For those people, Voice2 will be a life-saver. Apart from the previously-discussed features, Voice2V also lets you convert audio files to video. For that, the platform enables you to choose from a plethora of default video footage.

Similarly, the Voice2v is equally useful for adding audio to your videos. For instance, if you shot an interview and, due to quality reasons, recorded the audio on a voice recorder, you’ll have to join both.

Voice2v lets you do that. You can upload both the audio and video files, and the tool will do the rest. Likewise, if you want to add a background music track to your video, you can utilize the same feature.

Unlike other tools available online, Voice2v never spoils the quality of the audio or video file uploaded – meaning, you can process the output without any compromise in quality. Again, the file uploading process is fast, and unlike its peers, Voice2v never annoys its users with a preset waiting time.

If you’ve ever tried video marketing or tried to publish content on YouTube, you are probably aware of the number of people eager to copy your brainchild. The easiest way to counter such acts is by watermarking every video.

Voice2v allows you to do that as well. You can upload videos, choose your logo, and its position, and you are done. The tool also lets you create GIFs from your video. Yes, we hear you – this tool is too good to exist and is a gem for content creators.

In Conclusion

A picture expresses a thousand or so words – a video much more. If you ever considered creating videos, you’ll have experienced that its quality, apart from the script or content, depends heavily on the tools used.

Such a revelation can enhance your production quality, and Voice2v is an excellent tool you can add to your go-to list. Along with offering a wide range of tools to choose from, Voice2v presents a simple interface to eradicate any form of a learning curve. Things are simplified into just a few clicks of your mouse.

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