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Here’s How To Find A Dream Handyman (2020)


Are you looking for an expert and honest handyman?

Here are the tips to hire a dream handyman to get the best home maintenance services:

Start Your Search in the Right Places

Choose the platforms that provide the maximum information of the handymen nearby. Though you can use a phone directory to get “home repair services near me,” but it only has names and contact numbers. You can’t verify their past performance and image in the industry.

Therefore, the following are the ways through which you can find a suitable handyman:


You can find hundreds of handyman on Yelp, serving nearest to you. The best part is, it shows the reviews of past clients about each of them.

Considering the above, you should hire a handyman that would have a large number of positive reviews for home maintenance services.

Don’t hire a handyman with mostly negative reviews to save a few dollars because that greed can cost you stress along with time and money wastage.

Word of Mouth:

This is the oldest and traditional way of referring. You can ask your neighbours about the best handyman that they’ve experienced.

People online can make false allegations just to malign a handyman’s image. However, in the offline world, people act sophisticatedly and care about their reputation by giving honest reviews.

Therefore, you’ll get fair references for the ideal handymen from your neighbours.

Community Bulletin Boards/Message Boards:

The bulletin boards are another source of finding handyman for home maintenance. You can find the board in your building or society’s office.

Make sure your building or society’s authorities verify the ads posted on the board. They should not let any fake or scammy ad on it. If you’re confident about that, then you can take help from those posted ads.

This method is an alternative to word of mouth. Though we recommend word of mouth method over this one.

Local Hardware Stores:

The local hardware stores cater to major handyman tasks to earn more with fewer clients. So if you’re having a nominal repairing or maintenance task, then they are not for you.

The good thing is, they’ve bulletin boards where the individual level handymen post their advertisements. They are open to nominal tasks, so note down their numbers and negotiate with them, instead of searching online “home repair services near me.”

Interview First:

Organize a list of handymen and interview several of them before hiring.

Make sure you ask for their expertise before. Don’t just rely on their vague answers like being expert in plumbing or others. The reason is, those are huge categories. They have too many details and require different expertise.

Ask them whether they’ve done something similar to what you’re looking for or not. If yes, then take the contact numbers of the relevant clients and call them to ask their reviews about their work quality.

Get Your Estimates and a Plan:

At this stage, you need to get estimated rates and time required for the task from the applicable handymen. Make them aware that you haven’t hired them yet and you’re merely getting the estimates to choose the best one.

To take the next step of hiring one, here are some precautions to save yourself from any mishap or regret.

Never Choose the Lowest Bid:

It’s rightly said that you should pay higher now and enjoy comfort for longer or pay less now and suffer for longer.

Based on that, you should not hire one just because of his lowest bid as all that glitters is not gold.

It’s observed that those who bid the lowest use skimp tactic. Therefore, be careful.

Be Aware of Promises Too Good to be True:

If you find a handyman promising something hard to believe, then be aware.

Suppose, others would be saying that the work would be done in 20 days and he’d be claiming to complete it within 7 days then there must be something fishy.

Similarly, if something is generally considered as difficult and he’d be pretending it like the easiest task, then he must be trying to trap you with a marketing dodge.

Choose one with modest promises.

Get Detailed Plan in Writing:

You need to get everything agreed by writing. Don’t only rely on words.

For example, ask him to write down the total estimated time, cost and materials required for a specific task.

Stay Involved Personally:

Never pay the full amount in advance, instead pay him around 25% upfront.

Similarly, keep an eye on the handyman’s activities. Don’t just hand over the keys and go away. Be involved in the work.

Ask him not to make any plan changes without your approval.



You should write down the points above on a notepad and practice them whenever you need home maintenance services.

At last, if you still have doubts, please comment below now:

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