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Here’s How you can Let your Fridge Work During the Summer

Do you see the milk getting frosty or eggs getting spoiled sooner than before in your fridge during the summer months? Then, you are not alone!

Many people experience this, especially during the summer months! The reason for this is that your LG fridge or any other brand fridge that you may have is not set right.

As a result, the first thing is getting your refrigerator getting adjusted at the right temperature during the summer for it to work convincingly.

Many people are of the opinion that refrigerators can work themselves and manage their temperatures on their own, but this is not generally the case.

Hence, during those harsh summer months when the sun is beating down, you need to lower down the temperature of your fridge.

It is usually due to the warmer temperatures and increased consumption of cold foods; it drains the fridge of its capacity. As a result, refrigerators struggle to keep all the stored food inside them cold. Many times, you may have gone to get a glass of some chilled juice kept in your fridge, but may not have found it cold at all.

Therefore, to prevent all this from happening, you should adjust the thermostat by reducing it by a couple of degrees. It is advisable to keep the temperature of your fridge during the summer months between 0 degrees and 5 degrees.

Give importance to your fridge’s important areas

Are you willing to see your refrigerator working efficiently even during the hot summer months? Then, you should know that the temperature in your fridge is not the same in all its areas. Yes, the lowest shelf is the coldest part of a fridge, and it is where all perishable items such as meat and fish should be kept.

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When it comes to fruits and vegetables, they have their own area – the drawers. You can keep all other products in the middle and upper shelves. Finally, the racks in the doors of your refrigerators are generally the coldest part. They are just perfect for storing drinks, butter, all types of sauces and beyond.

Some tips to help you fridge work during the summer

  1. Let the air flow – Did you know that leaving room between items in your fridge is beneficial? Yes, it will enable air to circulate and distribute the air correctly to keep your fridge cool.
  2. Don’t keep warm foods in your fridge – Don’t dare to keep warm food in the refrigerator. It will make the inside temperature to rise and force the compressor of the fridge to work twice leading to higher energy consumption. As a result, you will be forced to pay higher power bills. Also, it will deteriorate the fridge’s thermal conditions leading to its lack of performing the task of keeping the foods cold and intact.
  3.  Always keep the door shut – Many people have this habit of not closing the door of their refrigerators. It makes the compressor work hard to keep cool. As a result, your fridge is not colder than what it should be. Hence, it should be your duty to ensure that you always keep the door of your fridge closed. It will help the fridge to maintain its temperature and keep things cool inside.
  4. Ensure hygiene above all – Also, you should ensure to clean and defrost your refrigerator regularly. It is because the accumulated ice inside the fridge may prevent the appliance from working to its fullest potential. As a result, your fridge may not be able to keep inside temperature cool.
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