A Quick Guide for Beginners: Helpful Tools of PDFBear to Manage Your PDF Files

PDF is a portable file format that most people use for various purposes. If you deal with so many PDF files as part of your job, you’ll never have problems viewing their content and sharing them with other devices of your colleagues at work. There will be no issue when you attach PDF files to your emails and even upload them online.

That’s why it’s convenient to use a PDF format for your electronic files. Since PDF compresses your files to make their file sizes smaller, it doesn’t consume a big part of your computer or smartphone’s file storage. That’s why it’s recommended for mobile downloads. By doing so, it’ll be so easy for you to access your PDF files anytime and anywhere.

If you have a lot of PDFs, you’ll surely be needing a system to help you properly manage them in the file storage of your computer or smartphone. The perfect platform you can use is PDFBear. It’s a website that has different helpful tools that are absolutely free. Hence, check the details below to know about these tools and how to use them effectively.

PDF Pages Remover

Your PDF files may have valuable information and data that you use for different tasks at work. Hence, it must always be up-to-date and accurate. In a PDF document with more than a hundred pages, there might be bits of information that need to be revised or deleted. However, since PDF is in a fixed and stable format, applying changes seems to be impossible.

Don’t worry because PDFBear has a particular tool online that you can use for free. The tool will allow you to delete PDF pages that contain information you no longer need. You simply need to upload the PDF files on the PDFBear online tool. Then, select or key in the page numbers you want to remove.

After that, hit the “Apply Changes” button so the system will immediately process your request. When it’s finished, you can now download the PDF files without the pages you’ve successfully taken out. That’s how easy it is to delete pages of your PDF files.

Online PDF Merger

Another useful tool of PDFBear that you’ll surely need for your electronic files is the PDF merger tool. As its name suggests, it’s a tool that will allow you to merge multiple PDFs in one file. You might have the experience of looking for a particular file in your computer folder, but it took you a long time before you finally found it. It’ll surely give you stress.

Hence, this PDF merger tool of PDFBear will be of so much help. You can combine your PDF files with similar content and will serve the same purpose to accomplish the same tasks. You can also unify PDFs that were created in the same year. These are examples of file classification methods, but you can use yours that you think will work for you.

Online File Converter 

Many users of PDF technology usually use this file conversion tool of PDFBear. The tool will convert your existing files to other file formats, especially when you need it to accomplish a task, but you can’t find it in your file storage.

You can convert your PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents to PDF format, and vice versa. You can even convert your files in PNG or JPG to PDF. Besides that, the file conversion process will usually take a few minutes, but it depends on the number of files you’re converting. The more PDF files you’re processing, the longer time you need.


It’s not easy to manage tons of PDF files on your computer or smartphone, especially if you need them every day at work or school. However, the list of tools of PDFBear discussed above will surely make your job easy. In fact, you can visit the official website of PDFBear for more tools that you might need for your files. If you haven’t tried any of these, check the website now and see what else the PDFBear platform can offer for your electronic files.


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