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Health benefits of cycling you must know

Health benefits of cycling you must know

In this age of chaotic lifestyle, we often feel the need to get fit and healthy. But no one has time to follow a fitness routine to achieve this goal. The requirement stands for something very easy to do, time-saving, and pocket-friendly. So, what can you do? Don’t worry! Let me tell you; it’s as simple as cycling. Yes! You heard that right. It’s as simple as cycling.

Cycling is said, as a form of sport, an exercise, or a mode of transportation. It is also a form of amusement. Originating in nineteenth-century cycles have been in use till today and, for sure, will be used in the future as well. There are various reasons for this, one of them being our deteriorating environment. There were multiple forms of cycles used in earlier days, such as recumbent, unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles, etc., with a bike being the most common to date. We all have been using cycles since childhood. But, have you ever thought of what all advantages can you avail from it? There are enormous benefits you get when you include cycling as an exercise in your daily routine.

In this article, we focus on the health benefits of cycling that you must know. But first, take a glance at the list of things you need before you commence pedaling. You require a cycle (bike) for obvious. Now, there are various types of bikes available today, such as Mountain bike, Commuting bike, BMX bike, Hybrid or comfort bike, Triathlon bike, etc. You need to decide the perfect bike as per your interest. The best option here would be to opt for comfortable bikes for all terrains. These are well- framed bikes with high-quality steel. You can adjust its seat up and down as per your height. One such bike is ‘Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike,’ which comes in various colors and sizes. The bike comes with a little narrow seat and wide tires strong enough to take you around all types of terrains. Next comes the helmet, another essential requirement while cycling. Other accessories include knee and elbow pads, padded shorts, proper shoes, water bottle, necessary tools, etc.,

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Although there are countless benefits of cycling, here are some outstanding facts that will make you hop on a bike immediately –

  • ‘The average person loses thirteen pounds in their first year of cycling.’
  • ‘An adult cyclist typically has a level of fitness equivalent to someone ten years younger. His life expectancy increases two years above standard.’
  • ‘One study found that just twenty-five minutes of cycling boosts at least one measure of creative thinking.’
  • ‘As per the researchers from the University of North California, people who cycle for at least a half-hour five days a week take about half as many sick days as those who do not exercise.’Cycling is known to produce new brain cells in hippocampus that tend to decline with age starting right after 30.
  • ‘Large scale research in Finland found that people who cycle for more than thirty minutes per day have a forty percent lowered risk of developing diabetes.’
  • According to researchers, cyclists tend to inhale less pollution as compared to those who travel in cars and busses.
  • ‘Researchers at Harvard University found that men aged over fifty who cycle for at least three hours a week lowered the risk of impotency by thirty percent.’
  • Cycling is known to be a good exercise for people with osteoarthritis as being a low-impact exercise it creates less stress on joints.
  • ‘Research has shown that if you continue cycling, the chance of bowel cancer can dwindle. It also diminishes the chances of having breast cancer.’
  • Cycling is also a type of releasing exercise that has positive impact in relieving stress, pain, and other psychological & physiological conditions.
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Some other health benefits include –

  • Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
  • Increases muscle tones
  • A healthy heart and big lungs
  • Reduces stress
  • Makes you more beautiful
  • Boosts self- esteem by helping you get better shape, fell lighter and fresh
  • You get better sleep as cycling makes you tired. It will put you to bed on time and let you enjoy a good quality sleep
  • The cycle runs on fat and not on fuel; thus, making you lose weight.
  • It’s a complete body workout and boots your metabolism. So, you don’t need any other type of exercise to stay fit.
  • Good for your cardiovascular fitness.
  • It protects you from diseases such as obesity, arthritis, strokes, and some cancers too.

Some additional benefits –

  • ‘Maintaining a bike annually will cost you twenty times less than maintaining a driving a car.’
  • ‘Bikes use two percent as much energy as cars per passenger – kilometer and cost less than three percent as much to purchase.’
  • ‘Commuting to work on our bicycle costs nothing, as compared to using your car or taking public transport.’

‘Bike paths boost property values. Therefore, the more you cycle and encourage others to cycle in your area will eventually promote the value of your house.’ And who would not want that?

”Cycling is the third most renowned sporting hustle in the UK.  An aggregate of 3.1 million people ride a bicycle every month. So, you see, cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise in your daily routine. Cycling saves you money; cycling gets you fit, and Cycling is suitable for the environment. It’s a low- impact type of exercise, so it is easier on your joints than running or other high- impact aerobic exercises.  What else would one need? Now, you cannot deny the facts and benefits of cycling. Grab a bike and stay fit forever — happy cycling to you.

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