Guide for Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

Shopping for your wedding dress is a high-voltage emotional affair, and when you decide to shop online, it can be quite a task! But wedding dresses online shopping is actually about convenience, choices and getting the best dress at the best prices.

A simple guide here has been collated to help you get through the process seamlessly and with ease.

Know your size

Since you cannot try the dress as an in-store buying, the first thing to do is have your measurements handy. Fitting of the dress is crucial; hence, have a tailor take your measurement before ordering. When in doubt, make sure that you order a size up, rather than a size down. The logic is simple – any good tailor can fit the dress to your size, but none can alter a dress that is smaller than your size.


Besides measurement, the other essential part of your homework is to set yourself a budget. Budgeting helps you take into account even unexpected costs like taxes, alterations, and so on. Consider the shipping charges too. Make sure that your budget is not impractical and unrealistic.


It is good to get abreast of the different types of fabric and choose your preferred ones. The fact that you cannot physically touch the dress and check the fabric can be a bit deterring..

Click here to know more about fabrics for wedding dresses. You can also request the portal to send you swatches of fabrics before placing the order. Make sure that you read through the product description thoroughly. 

Do not confirm the order without trying the wedding dress

When buying online, especially your wedding dress, a disheartening factor that comes into play is that you cannot try the dress. However, it is not a fact. Be smart in choosing the right store so that you can try the dress before making payments. 

  • First, for wedding dresses online shopping read through the product measurements and descriptions before buying.
  • Second, read the customer reviews of others to be sure of the product quality, fitting, and fabric performance. 
  • Third, check if the store has a policy of Refund & Return so that in case the dress does not fit you and does not turn out to the way it looked on the site, you can return it immediately. 
  • Fourth, you can also speak to the store for an in-person meet with a representative so that you can try the dress and take a call before the purchase.

Read all terms and conditions of the store 

It is also advisable to go in for a reputed store that has a trustworthy name for itself in the marketplace. It is because you can expect the best of terms and customer-friendly policies at such a store. Read the Delivery terms because you do not want the dress to arrive after the D-day. Also, scan through the Privacy policy and the return & refund policy to make the right choice.

Start the process much in advance

It is best to get started with online shopping well in advance. It gives you time to search more extensively. When you decide to buy in advance, you also get the time to make changes and fix things, including alterations, if required. This way, you are well-prepared for the big day.

We hope this guide will help you to buy the perfect wedding dress online. Shopping for your wedding dress online is a wonderful experience if you take care to do it the right way!


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