Growing Education Fields Having Great Popularity Worldwide

Being a college student, choosing the right field of education to pursue your career is the most challenging task. It is a huge step towards giving your life a purpose and achieving your aims. Therefore, it is absolutely fine to feel anxious and worrisome while determining the right path for your career.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most rewarding and popular majors worldwide, which could ease up your decision-making process a lot. But, before we begin our discussion on those fields, it is essential to know the four vital factors that may drive your decision.

The factors to consider while making up your mind for an educational field are:

Interests and Abilities

Jumping on the bandwagon only because everyone is talking about it can lead to disastrous consequences ahead in your career. As wise men say, make your passion your profession. Otherwise, your life would be no less than robotic, where you would be bound to spend 9 hours a day with an iota of interest in what you do. So, to excel in whatever career you have chosen for yourself, it is imperative to explore your interest and abilities before concluding.

Program Costs

Another detrimental aspect you must consider is the overall cost you would be paying for your majors. Before you fully commit yourself to a field, or the institute offering it, you should check your financial feasibility and know whether it falls inside your means. Yes, students take up part-time jobs to cover their educational expenses, but that should not overburden them. Otherwise, they would end up being exhausted, unable to do justice with their studies. Similarly, there are countless opportunities to pursue online education to save additional expenses. For instance, if you are interested in history, you can go for an online bachelors degree in history, saving you both time and money.

Future Employability

Exploring the employability prospects of the field you are planning to choose is vital. However, this aspect should not completely overshadow your interest. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a psychological and practical balance between things and see you can obtain a competitive edge while pursuing your interest.

Furthermore, you can do advanced professional courses to complement your majors or opt for a program that may develop your interpersonal and marketing skills. As more and more corporations are not preferring individuals with strong interpersonal traits with decent subject knowledge.

Income Potential

If you aim to climb the income ladder at a rapid pace, then you might want to prefer a field that offers a high pay scale. Consider the lifestyle you wish to maintain and explore which fields have the highest earning potential. To know further about median salaries for each occupation, you may explore the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PayScale, and other related platforms.

Now, look at some of the fastest-growing and high-income education fields worldwide:


As the trend and culture of entrepreneurship are taking the world by storm, business degree demand increases faster than ever. The business field is among the fastest-growing educational fields worldwide, with a median pay scale of approximately $ 70,000, which is $30,000 higher than other fields’ median salaries.

And, as corporations expand their operations exponentially, the prospects of business majors grow as well. Moreover, business programs are meant not just for business practices. They are equally important in multiple fields across many industries, such as healthcare, engineering, banking, and others.

Students with business majors are multidisciplinary, and their concepts could benefit diverse fields and environments. Most importantly, they develop innate interpersonal qualities during their coursework, such as leadership, crisis management, critical thinking, etc.

Social Sciences and History

According to the numbers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of social science occupation is likely to rise by 5 percent in one decade. To meet this demand, a high number of students are inclining towards majors in social sciences. Social sciences encompass many other disciplines such as economics, healthcare, history, politics, liberal arts, etc.

The median wage for professionals with social sciences majors could range somewhere between $40,000 and $68,000 annually. Besides, the students who pursue a career in the field of social sciences develop major qualities of communication, leadership, teamwork, and management


As the quest to migrate the global economic industry to renewable and sustainable production methods continues, the future holds bright prospects for students in the engineering field.

Since engineering is specialization-oriented, engineers have some of the highest entry-level pays in the market. Generally, the median salary for engineering occupations could go up to $80,000 annually, considerably higher than other professionals.

While the significant subjects depend primarily on engineering, all engineering students develop project management, problem-solving, and communication skills. Furthermore, they are highly skilled in math models, quantitative methods, and design solutions, which you cannot expect from students qualified in any other field.

Since there are numerous branches in engineering, students have plenty of options to cater to their interests.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in biological and biomedical sciences has increased by 68 percent. It reveals that there has been a staggering growth in this field in the past decade, which would continue to multiply in years ahead.

Not only this, the field of biological and biomedical science promises a very high earning potential and consistent growth throughout the career. Salaries of biological and biomedical sciences professionals range between $82,000 and $94,000. By 2029, the employment of biological and biomedical sciences professionals is likely to grow by 4 percent. Since this field is very diverse, students can excel in various career paths by specializing in particular subjects.


Most students are aware that a good choice in the educational field can secure a decent job in the industry. However, very few of them are aware of their potential abilities and utilize them in their career path.

Therefore, it is essential to know what entails the field you are choosing and how you can foster good results by developing your skills. For example, suppose you are selecting a business degree. In that case, you must know that it would prepare you for the principles of marketing, finance, etc. If you are interested in these subjects, then only you may pursue your education in them.

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