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How Grille Guard Save Your Car from Accidents

Grill guards are one of the most important and useful safety accessories of a car. Especially, when you are driving on highly-populated areas, busy roads, remote off-roads and the areas where is a high risk of wild animals jumping on the road. It is a life savior for many such situations.

A grille guard can protect your vehicle’s front end from getting damaged by wild animals, rocks, things that throw by other cars and many other minor accidents. It is most common with pickup trucks and other long routed freight vehicles which need to go on remote and areas for supply.

So if u are a truck or pickup driver who usually travels to remote locations through underpopulated or jungle areas, you should think of getting a grille guard on your truck. Sometimes a little damage on the front (where engine seats on most of the vehicles) cause a lot of problem and suffering in underpopulated areas. A grille guard minimizes this possibility and increases your safety level during travel.


Most grille guards are made with the combinations of steels, aluminum, polyethylene, carbon fiber, poly carbonate, etc.

This combination of materials made grille guards very strong, durable, stainless and lightweight. It is noticeable that some people think a grille guard puts extra load on the car. But a grille guard is lighter nowadays.

Besides, you can’t neglect the safety issue of your car, your family and yourself for a little percent of weight attaching to your car. Your car can easily handle that much weight. So feel free to attach a grille guards if u need one.

How grille guard saves your car from accidents?

The grille guard is a strong metal structure that covers the front end part of the car. It is an extra layer to protect your car from the engine, bumper and headlight damage caused by a wild animal or other accidents.

  • Protect from wild Animals: If you are from the west of the USA, Australia, and Canada then you probably already know how wild animals jump though roads. Especially deer and moose. There are more than a thousand accidents happens every year for animals only in the USA. A grille guard can save your vehicles from these kinds of incidents. especially if you are a truck or pickup driver and travel through wildlife areas.
  • Protect from off-road front damage: A grille guard can help you to keep your car scratch free during off-reading. Off-road travel often causes lots of minor and major scratches and dents on vehicles. Most time it causes lots of money to repair them. Grille guard can save your car from most of frontal scratches and dents. It is also cheaper to fix a grille guard than fixing those expensive car’s dents and scratches.
  • Minimize engine damage on accident: Engine is the core of a vehicle. In many cases, the engine of the car gets damaged or poked by frontal accidents. It can put you in danger if you are lonely in a remote underpopulated deserted area and your vehicle is the only way to reach civilizations and a car mechanic. It mostly happens to pickup truck drivers who go long routes. Grille guard protects your vehicle’s engine from getting damaged. So at least you can go to the nearest car garage to fix the engine. Beside, fixings an engine is way more costly than fixing a grille guard.
  • Protect headlights: Did you ever thought you are traveling at late night and suddenly an animal or object destroys your car’s headlights and you are all alone in dark? You will probably the unluckiest person at that moment. It is very risky to drive in a blind car. Headlights also show the other cars your position so they don’t come on your way. Grille guards can protect your car’s valuable headlights and give you a safe journey.
  • Increase your safety issue: Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Especially when you are driving on a highway with high speed. A grille guard can decrease injuries from the most dangerous part of car diving, accidents. Grille guard can decrease the impacts of a frontal accident, which causes fewer injuries of the driver and passenger on the vehicle. It is a life savior for any major accident.
  • Place for attaching more lights: Grille guard gives you a place for adding more off-road lights and fog lights. So you can have more visibility on a night, foggy day or stormy weather.
  • Minimize damaging cost: If you ever went to the garage to repair your vehicle then you must know how costly some parts of cars are. Especially the front side parts. By adding a grille guard, you can ensure less damage in any bad incident and cost less.


The cost of a grille guard mostly depends on the quality, materials, and availability of the guard. Usually, grille guards come with a range of 150 dollars to up to 500 dollars. You can find them on your local automobile accessories shop or online shops like Amazon and Alibaba others. There are some ready made grille guards available for some models of cars, others you need to custom made for your car.


Grille guard ensures your safety during accidents but sometimes fatal for other opponents. Especially accidents with pedestrians and animals. It’s proved that the car with a grille guard causes more damage than a car without one. That’s why there are some areas of the world where attaching the grille guard is illegal.

So please be aware of your area’s vehicle laws before installing a guard and start a journey. Otherwise, you might get arrested.


Though grille guards are controversial in many places and forbidden in some parts of the world it has enough reasons to be installed on your truck or car. In fact, in some countries, grille guards are used by police and defense forces. It also gives you vehicles a dashing look. So with a grille guard installed on your truck, you can have less worry and more safety on roads.

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