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Great Reasons to Choose LED Signs Sunshine Coast

Sunquest LED Screens

Business signage and advertising is a hotly debated subject these days and there are plenty of ‘experts’ sharing their opinion on what we should all be doing! Some people still use traditional forms of marketing and advertising, whilst others believe only online advertising works.

Some people mistakenly think that if you have a website, business signage is unnecessary as everyone will find you online. The truth is, you probably need a little bit of everything, but you definitely still need good business signage!

If you’ve noticed an increase in LED signs on the Sunshine Coast, that’s because for some types of business, they are far more effective. Whilst they are more expensive upfront, they are a smart business investment that offer excellent returns.

Recently updated research shows that digital signage can attract 72% more attention than online advertising. Not only that, but the range of industries now benefiting from using LED signs has grown. LED signs are used to promote everything from sports and entertainment events to retail stores, schools, healthcare providers and professional services.

LED Signs


LED Signs Sunshine Coast

When we talk about LED signs, we’re also talking about in-store signage that can be changed on a daily basis if needed and used to promote new products, sale events and more.

In fact, around 40% of consumers say in-store digital signs can affect what they buy when they are placed near the point of purchase. Research also shows that such signage can alter the customer’s perception of how long they have been queuing to pay, creating an improved customer experience.

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The great benefit of using LED signs on the Sunshine Coast is that it can be linked to an organisation’s social media. Around half of all shoppers admit that social media influences their buying behaviour, so it makes sense for your business to make the most of that.

This is particularly true when it comes to attracting millennials. Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) don’t respond well to traditional marketing. Making up a quarter of the population, this is a crucial market for businesses to attract so it’s important to get it right.

Targeting Millennials

For starters, they don’t watch mainstream television, so TV advertising is wasted on them. They prefer livestreaming, platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. LED signage offers more opportunities to link into the media that millennials prefer.

It’s true to say that the biggest growth in digital signage is happening within the retail sector. And it’s working, because 8 out of 10 shoppers say they went into a shop because the digital signage caught their eye. Not only that, digital signage is shown to have a recall rate of over 80%.

LED signs on the Sunshine Coast can give your business 24/7 visibility – it’s the sales consultant who never goes home! The return on investment is unbeatable with businesses reporting huge increases in revenue.

But before you rush out and invest, it’s important to get the right signage not only for your business, but for your location. When LED signs started appearing, many people found that some imported brands just couldn’t cope with the Australian climate. They may have saved a few dollars upfront, but the product wouldn’t give them the years of use they hoped for.

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Sunquest LED Screens

For LED signs on the Sunshine Coast, your first stop should be Sunquest LED Screens. From design to installation, training and technical support, Sunquest can advise on the best product and service to suit your business.

These LED signs are custom-made for our climate and offer a range of uses. They are also designed to offer impressive power and cost savings.

There’s a bit of a myth that only huge organisations can afford digital signage, but it’s just not true. For example, LED signs can be set up for full, dual or single colour graphics and are priced accordingly. There’s also a variety of sizes to choose from.

Your LED signs can be linked to user-friendly software, enabling you to change your marketing message as often as you like. The systems are fully programmable so you can develop exactly the right information to target your key audience.

LED signs are brighter, longer-lasting, more cost-effective and require far less maintenance than any other type of illuminated signage.

LED Signs for SMEs

Your LED signage package will comprise the screen itself and the controller – which is basically the brain, as well as a video board and logic board. The controller can be embedded or computer-based, the latter being the preference for more advanced LED displays.

The digital signage market is growing rapidly, as products become more affordable and simpler to use. There is also more demand as businesses see the huge potential they offer for increased sales and better brand awareness.

Once only used by major brands, LED signs are proving affordable and successful for SMEs. One small business association said that no other form of advertising comes close to matching the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing.

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