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Great Children Book Illustrators Read These Graphic Designing Blog


Sometimes designing plays a vital part in making the customer return after their subscription, visit, or purchase. A strong logo that is easy to remember is a very crucial asset most companies can have. As you may encounter in your life, a logo is the identities of brands, medium-scale firms, and startups as well. It should be beautiful and focused on your ideas. Many kids’ book illustrators started their careers as logo designers. Thanks to the years of experience we have in the field of graphic designing, we have seen a large number of good and poorly designed logos.

Only the best graphic designers can master the art of logo designing

Remember, a good logo gives enough power in your hands to market your products, designing, printing, and distributing your branding material. Today, the online world is getting poured with all the tools and stuff a graphic designer needs to create memorable logos. So whether you are a budding graphic design or a well-established children book illustrator, you don’t have to worry about experimenting. Just check out those resources and design any logo, brochure, or illustrations related to kids books.

Enhance your existing skills

These resources will not only help you enhance your existing skills but at the same time, they will also help you learn quite a few new ones. We all know that the Internet is an overall pictorial place and if you wish that your story or post should be different and unique, it must have a great photo or strong illustration in relation to that context. Hiring an illustrator for your story can be a daunting task if you have not experienced it earlier. If you are questing for the best illustrator for your new project, then you are at right place as this guide will assist you a lot in finding the perfect illustrator of your choice.Before you hire an illustrator for your story, you must know all the things in details regarding your project. You should have clear vision related to the plot, characters, tone and other important things of your project. Along with this, you even should have an idea about the deadlines and the amount of money you can spend on your project.

Hiring an illustrator

Hiring an illustrator for your project can be the toughest part, if you are a newbie to this field and you are not already a part of any illustration related online communities. The following sites will surely assist you a lot in hire an illustrator the right artist with several styles that appropriately suits your any kind of story or project. Even before hiring an illustrator, you should know the amount of money you are spending and the time deadline you are giving to your chosen artist. In other words, we can explain like this – the illustrating image with a lower budget will possibly not be as outstanding as an image on which you are spending a higher budget. The same notion goes with the time duration you have given to your illustrator. An illustrator will give his best art of creativity according to the time duration you have given to him. Apart from that, every new piece of learning inspires you to be better. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list

Adobe Creative Magazine

Graphic designers and illustrators can find Adobe Creative Magazine in both the magazine and mobile application forms. It is stuffed with tutorials, inspirations, trends-info, and traditional design concepts. What else could a designer possibly need right? You can subscribe to this and sharpen your skills by getting yourself indulged in the design challenges offered here. If not, you can work up your Photoshop game by using the tips given here in the actual software. Moreover, you will never miss if a new font is getting launched in the near future or a pack of emojis has become the talk of the town.

Canva’s Design School

Canva has gained immense popularity in the last five years. It has even made its owner from nothing to a millionaire. And if designers and illustrators from all around the world are using it, you might not miss it. If you have not yet heard about it, then let us shed some light on this – It a free online design tutorials list which is launched by Canva to help fellow designers. The tutorials contain a lot of learning material which includes kids design, 404-page design, shopping cart pages design and much more.

 AIGA Eye on Design

Many times we find that new artists achieve something in just a few years which the experienced ones can not even in their lifetimes. And the reasons behind it could be their enthusiasm and creativity. AIGA helps you find the latest creative work of the budding designers. It was created by a professional association of designers.

So as you can see, the resources to help designers are available in extreme abundance. Now, you just have to find the hidden motivation inside your chest and transform it into a blazing fire. You need to figure out what interests you most and what is the best way to pursue that.

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